Monday, Aug. 25 - WORKOUTS! -
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Monday, Aug. 25 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Busy so right to the weekend recap...

Saturday: Pemi Loop with two others. The "Pemi Loop" is named for the Pemigewasset River and is 32 miles of gnarly rock-hopping and scrambling trail covering 8 4000-footers in the White Mountains. It is know to be, and this is no joke, among the toughest day hikes in the US. With 9200 feet of total ascent (think Mt. Washington 2.5 times), our goal was to complete the loop still healthy, still running when the trail allowed, and by sun down, and we achieved exactly that by finishing in 14 hours and 20 minutes with only 15 to 30 minutes to spare before effective sun was gone. We even ran at a good clip the last 5 miles, which were the most runnable of the entire loop. This was not your grandfather's trail. See FB for some pictures. Hand over foot gnarl. We were quite the talk of the trail, because those we came across were out there for days.

Sunday: 1 mile keep the streak alive run. Body feeling pretty **** good. Thank you, Iron Strength workouts! Seriously, with that much elevation, my quads are totally fine. No soreness.

Monday: 2.5 mile keep the streak alive run.

Great day, gang!
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DOR for me. Start C25k week 4 tomorrow!!!! Woo hoo!
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Glad you're joining the fun, GG!

Thor - awesome as always. Love the pics I saw...

Half century commute for me. Mid 18's.

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Thor - love the pics on FB, looks beautiful and challenging!
Geo - how's the family? Everyone feeling better?
Topo - congrats Ironman!

DH starts work today so we are all very happy about that! DD and I are still sick, so that's not so great. Poor girl coughed until she puked this morning. :/
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Thor - that looks like an amazing run, glad you're making time for it even with the two young'uns.
GG - welcome back!
Geo - consistent as always
Sparty - Hope DD is feeling better
Topo - Woot! You are an Ironman(woman)!

Sat - Did my scheduled 18 miler. Met up with Tim early and we ran for an hour before Rick joined us. Even at that early hour, I was dripping wet with sweat after the first five minutes. Summer has arrived in Chicago in the form of humidity.

Sun - Half Madness half marathon, put on by my triathlon club. Did a very easy two mile warmup, then raced. Started out thinking I would hang with the 1:30 pace group but within the first mile I realized I would have to push it too hard to stay at that pace, so I eased off. Finished off at 1:32:56, which is 15:45 slower than my PR, but with the long run yesterday, my lack of training and the humidity, I'll take it.

Four weeks until one fall marathon and five weeks until the second. My last five weeks of training mileage have been 0, 18, 0, 43, 66. That's not exactly the recommended ramp up. I have a sailing race from Chicago to St Joe, MI this weekend so I'll take this week as a recovery week. Then two weeks of high mileage followed by a taper week before the first fall marathon. The double fall marathon seemed like a good idea after Boston/Big Sur in the spring, unfortunately my enthusiasm didn't carry my training through the summer sailing season. As sailing season ramps down I'm getting excited about running again and I'll probably go through with both races. The second marathon is a trail marathon run on the Birkie train in Northern Wisconsin. That one won't be raced for time, I just love the area and the athletes who participate in these events.

DW also did the half marathon on Sunday. It wasn't a PR for her, but it's the first time where that distance wasn't extremely painful for her. She's excited now also and wants to look at a fall half marathon for us to do together.

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DOR for me. Also, catching up on Yesterday's final of the USA pro cycling challenge. Watched TeeJay break his own and the course TT record on the TT stage yesterday via the DVR. Was not sure he would get there but wow what a ride. R. Majak lost his 2nd place to move to 4th. Some new podium positions based on that TT. Exciting for me to watch.

GG: Whee!
Thor: Looked like a great trek!
1top: OR should I say IRONMAN!
AMike: Kick out that Chicago humidity by Oct 12 please.
Sparty: Yay for job! Healing for DD.
Geo: Consistency is king as Cak knows. You are clearly king! How are all the lyme stuff doing in your house? Adjusting to DS being gone?
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Well i see some of the same old names are still around. I don't think i have posted in about 4 years. I got sucked into FB , I am about to restart the C25K. So to keep me accountable i have returned to my running and tri roots. Just stopping by today to say hi!
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Weekend recap: Saturday- ran 4.5 on the treadmill. Had a really busy day and it was the quickest way to get her done. 30 mile ride on Sunday from a friends house near the Wachusett Resevoir. The long climbs are is much more suited to me then the endless short steep hills around my house. Today was 5 ish on the rail trial. Bumped into Monica who was running considerably longer.
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Welcome back Eric!
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Welcome back GG and Eric! This is getting better!!!!

DOR and massage. I'm darn proud of myself not jumping in a pool though I was 2 ft away from it / I just chilled and sat there..... Another 'that' kind of day. Totally dislike.
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Yes, welcome back GG and Eric!

3000yd swim this morning and a 7 mile interval run after work. Swim was:
400 warm up,
300 drill,
300 kick,
8x100 base intervals,
4x200 threshold intervals,
400 cool down.
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Woke up and did what I felt like doing.

45 minutes on the trainer
1000y at the pool, I went well after masters started, so I just hopped into the workout
finished the day with some ART/chiro work and a massage

2x through the following
200 as 100 free, 100 IM

4x through the following
50 free ez
50 free build

Cheryl (aka cake)
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Screwed up again and ran with a group of skinny fast people. One of them won a half mrathon over the weekend, and another placed third ina marathon. I just can't get my arms around how these guys recover so quickly. I chased them for 5 miles through the woods and mud. Felt pretty good.
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Originally Posted by jkaiser20 View Post
Screwed up again and ran with a group of skinny fast people.
Always a mistake.

->>> John <<<-
Because too much fun is never enough.
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