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RR: Ironman Mont-Tremblant 2014

We'll see if I can get this whole thing posted here in parts...stay tuned...I will let you know when I'm done posting (if it works) OR I'll be back here with a link.

Ironman Mont-Tremblant
Quebec, Canada
17 August 2014


My first 140.6 was in 2012 with Rev3 at Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH. Depending on what timing you believe, I finished in either 15:00:13 or 14:57:07 (they changed the swim times, my watch agreed with the slower time & I had other indications that if they were gonna subtract minutes from my results, it should have been from the run): swim 1:16:44/1:13:39, T1 4:08, bike 7:20:45, T2 4:32, run 6:14:04. I was plagued by a knee issue during the run that led to a lot of walking and also visited port-o-pots practically every mile. Both the bike and the run course are really fairly flat. Really.

My first marathon was in 2011 at Boston running for the Baypath Humane Society of Hopkinton, MA. I had a great day, finishing in 4:58:38 and negative splitting the course by about 1.5 minutes.

My pre-race meeting with my coach went really well. He indicated that my training went very well, that my training for Cedar Point had gone very well, but that this training had gone even better than that. Plan was to proceed as I did at Quassy: Just let the race come to you. Don’t press, be patient and stay in the moment and execute. Be robotic.

Swim 1:15:59
T1 8:21
Bike 6:52:59
T2 4:11
Run 4:45:39


Taper went well. I was amused at how different my taper workouts were this year compared to 2012. I have never done so many bricks over the course of two weeks! I also enjoyed 3 whole days of rest during the week leading up to the race! I carefully gathered things and put them into 2 gallon zip loc bags labeled to match their official race day replacements. We left early Wednesday evening, with the goal of making it to “someplace in Vermont” (this ended up being a rather worn EconoLodge in Montpelier) and then finishing the trip to Mont-Tremblant on Thursday (we arrived around noon). I checked in Thursday afternoon and things began to feel more real. Monica and Adam arrived late Friday morning. It was just so awesome to have them both there! Tom ran in the family 5K late Friday morning and had fun despite being totally elbowed by a young girl (he did not return the gesture). The bibs and finishers medals for everyone participating in this race say “IronKids.” LOL. He got to finish under the Ironman finish arch which was cool. My activity on Friday included a 20 min swim in beautiful Lac Tremblant (ending with a stop at the coffee boat!), a 51 min ride on the run course, and a 1.5 mile run (about 2.5 hours total including hotel room transition times). I fixed a ripped toe nail with super glue (now a permanent fixture in my tri bag).

There was quite a bit of rain Thursday through Saturday and temps were fairly cool. They were cool enough that expo booths were doing excellent business selling long-fingered gloves, arm warmers, knee warmers, toe covers, and the like. I myself purchased long-fingered gloves (I don’t like the ones I had already but had left at home) and knee warmers just in case. I’d packed toe covers and arm warmers, in addition to a bike jacket, capri knickers, and various hats. There was nothing I could do about the weather, but there was something I could do about my reaction to it and I chose to remain calm and pray for no lightning/thunder during the swim. I checked in my bike during the downpour on Saturday (shower caps placed over aero pads/bento box, chain rings, cassette) and was glad that T1/T2 bags were secure and dry under a large tent with a temporary floor. Got the layout of the transition area and change tent and took several deep breaths.

I paid really close attention to race week nutrition, consuming easily digested protein sources (a lot of turkey) and decreasing fiber and fat as the week went on. I gave up alcohol and caffeinated coffee during the last 3 weeks prior to race day (did still have some caffeinated chews during training and I may have had one alcoholic beverage 2 weeks out). I ate a lot of beets, sweet potatoes, and steamed baby greens (a blend of collards, kale, spinach, chards). I added extra carb sources such as gluten free waffles (the mix from Namaste is yum-o), millet bagels, millet pasta, white rice, and mochi starting Thursday. In fact, I packed all of the food I ate while in Mont-Tremblant. I felt it was worthwhile to do so, even though it was sort of a pain to gather and pack it all. I also felt that knowing I’d done everything I could to prepare my body nutritionally in the days before the race gave me extra confidence on race day. I also slept very well throughout the week, even on Saturday night.
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Race Day
My alarm went off just past 4am and I set my race day preparations into motion. I braided my pigtails, did my movement prep exercises, gathered nutrition and additions for my transition bags, and ate breakfast. Breakfast was a toasted millet bagel with maple butter and a smoothie made with hemp milk, two packets of sweet potato/apple/carrot/cinnamon baby food, cacao powder, maca powder, and a dash of turmeric. Body marking, special needs bags drop off, bike prep, etc went normally. I made sure my Garmin was on and power meter calibrated before I left my bike. I headed down to the swim start with Tom, Adam, and Monica and I was glad for the company. I was getting a bit emotional and really feeling the pent up energy so I grinned wide and tried to keep things even keel. I suited up, we took the obligatory “thumbs up” photo, I had a salted caramel Gu, and I made my way to the swim start.

Fashion: tri club tri top bra & tri shorts, Blue Seventy Helix long sleeve wetsuit, Tyr special ops dark tinted goggles
Nutrition: salted caramel Gu 15 min before start
Time: 1:15:59 (1:58/100m, 1:47/100y)

I have never before had to navigate through such a crowded swim start area. I could not believe the number on non-athletes that were gathered on the beach near the warm up area! Nothing I could do about it, so I let it go. Found a small hole in my wetsuit, but had an uneventful warm up swim. Saw Kirsten and chatted with her for a bit as I made my way through the sea of dark green caps of the “Women 40+” wave, the last wave. I had a solid plan to line up to the left, but really wasn’t sure where to line up with regard to the depth of the field. In hindsight, I should have gone a lot further up than I did. I watched in mild horror at the seemingly casual pace at which the women ahead of me walked into the water. But, this too, I quickly let go as there was nothing to do but follow and get my swim on. In reality, I probably didn’t lose too much time here, but it felt like minutes at the time. The one-loop swim had more than enough buoys off of which to sight which was great. I felt the chop increased as we got further out onto the course and by the time I reached the turn buoy, I was looking for the a$$h*le boat that had shared its wake with us. I didn’t dwell on it and soon concluded that it was just swell under the chop. I enjoyed the water, but I did briefly wonder how swimmers not as comfortable as I might be faring. I sent out positive thoughts and made my way around the next turn buoy, hoping that there was some sort of current or wind direction to aid us during the return to the beach. I felt that contact with other swimmers was minimal and I experience none of the being swum over or having my ankles yanked or being punched that I’d heard was common during an Ironman swim. I would have been able to sight less often if I hadn’t needed to be so aware of passing the slower swimmers from the 6 previous waves. It wasn’t easy to find appropriate feet off of which to draft, but I drafted whenever I could. Before I knew it, I was at the last buoy and headed into shallow water (be aware of the shallow, rocky area to the left!), easily passing folks who decided to walk it in early. I stood, removed my cap and goggles, hit my split button, and got down for the uber efficient wetsuit strippers.

Time: 8:21
I have read that Ironman reported the run from the swim exit to T1 as 800 meters, but that seems long to me. I felt it was closer to one-quarter to one-third of a mile.* I jogged it at a comfortable pace. This was the one time during the entire race that I actually saw Tom and I carried that wonderful image with me throughout the day. Usually, the entire run is lined with red carpet but this day it was not. I noted that the pavement was smooth and free of debris, but made jokes to those around me regarding the lack of said carpet. I read on the Ironman Mont-Tremblant Facebook page that given the forecast of race day rain they were concerned the carpet might become too slippery. Could you imagine the run to transition becoming one giant slip-and-slide. Yikes! I grabbed my bag and made my way into the ladies’ changing area (approx. one-third the size of the men’s area). I set out my shorts, helmet (already containing bike gloves, headband, sunglasses, lube), shoes, socks, jerseys (one already stuffed with my “pharmacy in a baggie” in addition to some nutrition extras and lube). A volunteer helped with the jerseys. I don’t remember who put stuff back into the bag. I left all kinds of extras in there, but it was good to know they were there in case I had decided to use them. Saw Monica and Adam on my way out! Called out to a tri club teammate just after I got on my bike (faster than him for swim & T1! Hah!).

*I just took a closer look at my GPS data and it indicates that I ran ~0.3 miles from the swim exit to the changing area and another ~0.12 miles from the changing area to the bike exit.
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Fashion: Betty Designs Kick Cancer bike shorts, tri club tri bra & sleeveless full-zip jersey & short sleeve full-zip bike jersey, smart wool socks, headband, short-fingered gloves
Nutrition: 1+ Thunderbird Energetica bar per hour (cherry walnut crunch & cashew fig carrot cut into cubes), Skratch Labs pineapples (mixed a concentrated solution & aid station water to aerobottle), 2 Saltstick caps per hour, Saltstick caps plus after mile 70, Exo cacao nut bar at special needs
Time: 6:52:59 (16.27 mph); 6:45:01 moving time (16.6 mph); 3:18: xx first 56 mi (16.9 mph), 3:27: xx second 56 mi (16.2 mph)

I debated between my Kick Cancer bike shorts vs tri shorts, but went with the bike shorts because I’d worn them on all of my 100+ mile rides and because I figured it might be nice for some fresh shorts for the run. I feel that my Central Mass Multisport kit is “fast” so I went for the kit mismatch and wore the club tops. Rebel! LOL! I chose to wear the sleeveless tri top under the short-sleeve bike jersey to give me an extra layer to keep my core warm. I don’t own a cycle vest and I sure wasn’t going to wear a flappy jacket. I figured I could ditch the bike jersey at special needs or stuff it into my tri top pocket if I became too warm (didn’t do either). I wore socks instead of using toe covers because I figured socks would be easier to remove if I became too warm (not an issue). During the run from the swim exit, I decided to not go with arm/knee warmers or long-fingered gloves. I started with a full aerobotte, a Skratch bottle & water bottle behind the saddle, and a bottle of concentrated Skratch on the downtube. I tossed the BTS bottles as they became empty.

Got myself settled on the bike and began to fuel after about 5 miles. I knew from conditions on the lake that there was going to be wind on the bike course. It had been that way when I pre-rode two loops of the course in June. Made the turn off of the Montee Ryan and onto 117 and BOOM! Stiff headwind…just like my training day! No worries, I have a power target! Oh, wait. That’s the cadence field. OK. Now I’m set. Nope. That’s the heart rate field. When I finally found the power field, I was seeing all kinds of useless readings below 100 watts and, sometimes, just “--“. Fook! I noted that the field indicated “30s avg” and wondered it that was the issue since I usually have it set to “3s avg.” I managed to change the field on the fly, but it didn’t resolve the issue. No matter. My last long ride was done at my target power and I knew my body remembered what that felt like. I did wish I’d discussed a heart rate back up plan with my coach, but I didn’t. No matter. My target HR for my first 140.6 was zone III. I’ve got this! I stayed in aero as much as possible in a headwind and adjusted things as necessary in order to keep an even effort (your feet are power meters afterall!). I sat up when necessary going up hill. I sat up more often during sections with a tailwind (sails out, peeps!). I milked the down hills for all that I felt I safely could (I got up to 42.3 mph!). I immediately shifted to my easiest gear and spun as easily as I could on all climbs that were long or steep. So, headwind out on 117, tailwind back on 117. Series of short, steep climbs out on Chemin Duplessis, net down hill back on Chemin Duplessis. Yes, there is climbing on this course, but there are many opportunities to take advantage of speed gained going down hill. I was fairly cool throughout the ride, but never very cold. There isn’t a lot of shade on the bike course, especially out on 117, and I was glad that conditions were mostly cloudy. The wind may or may not have picked up during the second loop. All I know is that it was still rather windy.

It was amusing to hear the cheering in French or in English with a French accent. The fellow tending one bike aid station hockey net announced, “Give me your garbage!” and the way it sounded with the accent amused me for several minutes. I was glad to have worn the Kick Cancer shorts because I got a lot of positive feedback regarding them. I wore them throughout the summer in honor of family, friends, and my dog Kaya and their spirit helped carry me through many hours in the saddle. Would love to send a thank you note to the guy(s) who remarked that I was “strong & powerful” more than once. I also received a lot of positive feedback about my screamingly pink Rudy aero helmet. I did stop at bike special needs to restock on bars and top off my aero bottle. Try as I might, I just could not pee on the bike and I SO wanted to while on the Chemin Duplessis so that I could report that I “peed all over that bitch” but I just could not go. Unfortunately, I had to wait in line for a port-o-pot at bike special needs. Ugh! Nearly every other aid station I passed at a line at the port-o-pots so I figured I’d just get it all done in one stop at special needs. I heard Tom at the end of the first loop. Starting out on the second loop, my stomach felt a bit crampy, I figured perhaps because I’d held my urine for too long. I adjusted my fueling (took in a lot less) for awhile until things settled. I also aimed to keep my heart rate just a bit lower than it was during the first loop. Returning on the Montee Ryan the second time, I had to make another pee stop because I was NOT going to carry a full bladder up the Chemin Duplessis and I was glad to see there was no line. The jaunt in town on St. Jovite featured several spectators and was a boost during each loop. Saw Adam and Monica at the bike dismount (later realized that Tom was there, too) and handed my bike off to a volunteer.

Time: 4:11
The trot back into the change tent really helped loosen things up even though I still had my bike shoes on. There wasn’t much going on inside the change tent and I was a bit surprised to learn to hear the volunteers say they weren’t allowed to put our stuff back into our bags. I could have saved some time there. I removed my bike jersey, changed into my Kick Cancer tri shorts, put on some fresh socks and my running shoes, grabbed my hat and spi belt, and headed out to begin my run.

Fashion: Betty Designs Kick Cancer tri shorts, tri club tri bra & sleeveless full-zip jersey, smart wool socks, Central Mass Multisport hat, Saucony ProGrid Ride 7s
Nutrition: Honey Stinger Chews (pomegranate passion, caffeinated lime-ade), Skratch Labs raspberries or matcha green tea & lemons, 2 Saltstick caps per hour, Saltstick caps plus after mile 13
Time: 4:45:39 (10:54/mi); 2:14:38 first 13.1 mi (10:16/mi), 2:31:01 second 13.1 mi (11:31/mi)

I was out to crush this run. I’ve always felt I didn’t have the run I trained for at Cedar Point in 2012. I don’t remember seeing anyone when I left the tent, but they must have been there because there are photos and video. With the power meter snafu on the bike, I really hoped I hadn’t over-cooked it and blew my chances at a great run. I just started running. The plan was to run about a half mile before checking in with heart rate. I think I remember it being a bit too high (low zone III) and trying to back off the pace a bit. I remember going through the hills and then trying to back things off a bit again once I hit the flat out-and-back part of the course. At each aid station, I grabbed a cup of water and a cup of ice, initially walking only long enough to get these things and take a few sips of water. This is where having to wear a bra really comes in handy: they are great places to store ice for core cooling and hydration purposes. The weather was awesome for a run! It was still mostly cloudy with a breeze and an occasional rain shower (but nothing that soaked my shoes). The aid station volunteers were really awesome and I enjoyed the close quarters of the trail. It was great seeing a tri teammate during his run and exchanging high fives. Heading back through the village, the hills seemed easier than they did on the way out. Loved the guys with the “Iron Beer” station who I heard say, “You go bad boy! Bad girl!” I kept trying to do the math for my current run split, but wasn’t able to nail it down better than I had started the run maybe at about 8:30: xx into my race. I stopped at run special needs briefly, grabbed a different flavor of Honey Stinger Chews and some EnergyBits (spirulina tablets). I think this was my first stop at a port-o-pot during the run, I know there were two others during the second loop. I was getting tired of the berry-flavored products and made a bottle of matcha green tea Skratch at the aid station just after special needs. After this, you actually run down part of the finishers’ chute and come within about 200 yards of the finish line before cutting to the right and heading back out on the course. I found this to feel incredibly confusing at the time and until I saw the sign indicating that I was to head to the right, I wondered if I’d missed a turn and was accidentally heading to the finish line. This part of the course was downhill and crowded with spectators and awesome energy so naturally my pace picked up a bit here.

I saw Monica and Adam soon after I started loop 2. I blurted out to Monica, “My power meter’s like kind of busted.” She snapped back, “Yeah, but you’re not.” Even now, I’m tearing up as I write this. I CLUNG to those words during the second loop of the run and I repeated them often, “You’re not broken. You’re not broken.” Tom got this whole exchange on video! Adam ran a few strides with me and seemed intent on getting me to answer his question, “How do you feel?” I replied, “I feel good.” But, that was kind of a lie. Things were getting a bit achy and my heart rate monitor had stopped displaying heart rate. I had been tempted to ask them for my current total run time, but didn’t. I recall seeing about 10:35: xx on my watch and knew that even if I ran the second loop in 3 hours I would have a huge PR. I felt a bit sketchy headed up the hills, but really dialed things back in and focused on getting to the flat bits. Once past the hills, I began to ask for coke at the aid stations, but they were out! Red Bull? Um, have never had it, no thanks. It did help mentally knowing that there was some caffeine in the match green tea Skratch and I started in on the caffeinated Honey Stinger chews. However, I let the lack of coke on the course get to me a bit and pouted in the form of allowing myself to lengthen the duration of my aid station walks. Maybe I should have pounded more chews or chanced the Red Bull? I don’t know. I felt like I deserved to walk more. The aid stations out on the trail had coke and apparently I took my sweet time to enjoy it. As a result of these things, my pace through this bit, as reported by sports stats, slowed to 13:11/mi for 3.7 miles. Considering I only walked at aid stations, this seems a bit too slow to me and my GPS splits were never slower than ~11:25/mi but my GPS also over-measured the distance at 26.93 miles. It was great to run into Kirsten during this time. She looked strong and steady!

I kept trying to do math and it seemed like I was going to be under 3:30: xx, could I make it under 3:15: xx? Holy smokes! I focused on leaning forward, keeping my elbows up, and keeping my turnover “quick.” During the last 5K, I also grinned like a freakin’ idiot and made myself run. I made my way more quickly through aid stations. I tossed packs of chews that I wasn’t going to consume. I was beyond thankful for every step I was able to take. A spectator asked me if I was on my second loop and, after I replied in the affirmative, they said, “It shows.” I tried to drop my hand held bottle and sunglasses off at run special needs, but my bag wasn’t located when I ran through, so I kept going. I put my glasses in my jersey pocket and tossed the bottle into a garbage can right before I entered the best finishers’ chute I’ve ever been through. Everyone had their hands out for a high five. Everyone was cheering. I was grinning so big my photos look scary. I heard Mike Reilly call my name and thought I heard someone yell “Cake!” I meant to point to the CMM logo on my hat as I ran under the arch, but I’m pretty sure it only looked like a crazy flailing of arms.
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I felt pretty good, but my catcher person was right there, making sure my chip was removed and that I got my finisher’s hat/shirt, water, mylar blanket. I couldn’t even look at the post-race poutine and beer. After our interaction was done, I realized I hadn’t made a post-finish plan with Tom or Monica or Adam. I didn’t want to stop moving. I felt that if I just sat somewhere, anywhere it would be hard to find me. I determined the best course of action was to head back up to the hotel, a walk that would take fewer than 5 minutes under the best of physical circumstances. Slowly, I made my way through the crowd, pleading with people who stopped in front of me to not make me stop. I was about half way through this journey when I realized I’d skipped post-race massage. Fook! I stopped and had a quick debate. I really wanted that massage! I really didn’t want to double back! I continued forward. My first words at the hotel’s front desk were, “I can’t find my people.” I gave my room number and my name and got a new card. I think I continued to tell people I encountered that I couldn’t find my people. My plan was to text Tom when I got back to the room, but it appeared they’d taken my phone. Instead, I posted a request to Facebook that someone “please text Tom, Monica, or Adam” to let them know I was in the hotel room. Thanks for your help! Once they returned, there were many hugs and much rejoicing and rehashing of the day. Adam and Monica headed back out for food and spectating while Tom stayed behind to keep an eye on me. Showering was awesome! I tried to eat. I sat in my NormaTec boots for a while. I’d hoped to go back out for the final finishers, but my body was sending me signals that it was best to stay inside. I was happy to send info re: Kirsten’s status to Adam and Monica in the field and they reported back. I had a really good idea when she would be in the chute, so I headed to the window and was able to both catch a glimpse of her as she headed into the final part of the chute and hear Mike Reilly call her name! Listened to the remaining finishers come in and enjoyed the midnight fireworks. My toes were too sore to wear socks, so huge thanks to Tom for dealing with my chilly feet!


Got up shortly before 6am to stand in line for finishers’ stuff. Monica and Adam were a huge help in this endeavor, getting me out the door, keeping me company in line, helping me pick out stuff. I’d imagined the scene as an Ironman version of the old Filene’s Running of the Brides, but it was much more calm than that.

We headed back to Massachusetts around noon. I was still pretty stiff-legged on Monday, but was walking around fairly normally on Tuesday. Upper body was really sore on Tuesday, but was better by Wednesday.

I am thrilled with my finish time and with my performance, but…
…if I had been able to run into the water, would I have saved a minute of time?
…if I could only pee on the bike, would that have saved 5 minutes of time?
…if I had peed on the bike and saved time and knew during the second loop that I would be so close to going under 13 hours, would I have rallied and walked less at aid stations?
These are all things under my control and it amuses me to consider them.
Not sure what’s next, but I feel like I don’t want to get off of this crazy train!
I do know this: I’m pretty sure I’m more content to be sitting at 13:07: xx than I would be with a time of 13:01: xx.
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Done! Will go back to edit and add photos!

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Epic and so very awesome. I stalked all day and may have hollered when you crossed the line with such a HUGE PR.

I'm intrigued with just how dialed in you were with nutrition (I have much to learn); the actual s/b/r stats aren't surprising at all. You nailed your training and celebrated it with a fantastic race.

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Wow, Cak, awesome execution. I had no doubt you would do well, having witnessing your focus, dedications, and fantastic training milestones/race results all along. Congratulations, Ironman!
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A 2 hour PR!?!?!? Talk about training and dedication paying off. You are a force of nature girl! (and the race report was almost as good as your race)
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Cak! You totally crushed it. You did everything right and had the day you earned. I've told you a million times, just awesome!
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Congrats once again!!
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Cheryl - Wow. Great report - and those two photos of you coming into the chute (dappled with light) ... just great. You look like you've just finished an easy 5K It sounds like you totally took control of your training and nutrition (esp. this). Just a great example of trusting in the training - and your willingness not to be unnerved by minor hiccups and let any nagging doubts go just comes through in the report. So impressed - and glad you're enjoying the crazy train.

Cheers, IronWoman (x2).
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Could not be happier for you! Hope to see you in person soon for a post race MQ hug. I try to make them as epic as I can but I'm positive it could never be as epic as you were at IMMT.
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Awesome job taking control and preparing for everything that could affect your performance on race day. From your nutrition in the weeks leading up to the race, the clothing options on race day and listening to your body during, you executed a perfect race. There is so much here that I am taking note of that I can use in Florida, especially your nutrition plan on race week. You had the type of performance at this distance that I dream about, heck everyone dreams about. I can't stress enough how proud I am of how you did because I know how bad you wanted it. Taking charge the way you did and managing not just everything external, but your internal emotions just shows that. There's so much more I want to say, but I'm having trouble putting it into words without writing a book. I guess the most important thing is to take this race and cherish it. You earned it. Leave the "ifs" behind, and enjoy what you did. Congrats on a perfectly executed race and an outstanding RR!
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As you say, consistency is king........or key? Anyhoo, you nailed your training and had the best race of your life, well done my friend!!!! So, what's next?
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I'm still so proud of you.

I'm going to get all weepy again.

Thanks for letting us be a part of such an amazing experience. You fucking rock.
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Sorry to be so late in responding to your incredible report. Given your training, I knew you were going to kill it. Your focus, consistency, and discipline are admirable. You rocked the bike even with the headwinds and hills. You looked so solid out there on the run course when you passed me. I was quite excited as you went past me, "that looks like Cheryl...I'm on my 1st loop so she's on her 2ND LOOP! Woo hoo!" Congrats on a tremendous PR. It was an awesome day/race/year of training and knowing you were out there working hard helped keep me on track. Thank you.
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Belated thanks to everyone!
It takes a village...

And, Kirsten, it was *awesome* to be able to share that day with you!

Cheryl (aka cake)
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I finally got around to reading this. Great job! Nice race, way to go.

I kept seeing this and knew I had to go baack and read it, glad it came back to the top.

You deserve to very proud of your execution throughout the day.

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