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Saturday, July 26 Workouts

Afternoon all ....

72+ mile group ride this morning ... As advertised, a bit of climbing (two 50 mph+ descents) - but not as bad as I thought it was going to be. One hill that seemed to keep going and going... 17 mph overall for the ride...

Wiped for the day though!

Hope everyone's having a good weekend.

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Hi gang!
Lozilu mud run w/DD this morning - OMG...SO MUCH FUN!! Next year she wants to get a team together...we were the only ones w/o a team it seems, tho dressed alike, so we became the "twins"...can't wait to see the pictures!

Thor - your comment about spending $$ on the kids cracked me haven't seen anything yet!

Forgot who asked...9 mos prior to my two kids bdays...our anniversary...

Received bad news last night, the son of my cousin was killed in a car accident yesterday. No idea what happened, but he was involved in a roll-over accident on 190 in Worcester, MA. He was 28 and their only child. Hug your kids everyone. I know I did.
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Zoj - sorry to hear about your loss
Geo - 72? Yeah, I'd be wiped too!

Finally ran today, 3.25 on the treadmill. 80% of the time nothing hurt which is awesome. Enjoy the rest of the weekend peeps!
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Nice ride Geo!
Zoj - great to hear you had a fun getting dirty with DD. Sorry about your extended family's death , at such a young age.
Sparty - nothing hurting is a good feeling!

Friday was a nice swim with Sparty. First time I swam across the lake with backstroke and then breaststroke on return. I wouldn't have done that unless Sparty was with me, so thanks her for that. The truth is that I had to watch where she was going - she was doing some serious zigzag!

Today was Tree Farm relay! What a blast we had again! 3rd year doing this Race as Advanced team with GIRLBIKERS, we named ourselves as "Granny Gears" after the last year's race in which young girls (literally our daughter' ages) beat us. We dressed up as granny - it was hilarious! We won the second place (out of 3). I rode ok, a min slower than the last year but pretty happy I didn't crash / it was really dry out there and there were a few skidding crashes. Then I ran to the "Crater" where they served a tequila shot and other drinks (which I didn't take during the race) with a friend, took a few shots while waiting my teammate to ride through the area. About 3 miles.

Tomorrow is Jon Logan memorial tri, in which I amvolunteering early in the AM. Then swimming as a relay team. Busy busy!
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I've been lurking and not posting because..too much boring life stuff. I had daily OW swims until today. The last day before I go to work for a while in the high desert and we get this very strange (for so cal) rain storm, big thunder, big rain, run off the works! So no outdoor activities as it seems the thunder has parked itself over my house. Its been a few weeks of outdoor/landscape and indoor improvement chores though. A week ago I headed out to swim and was brushed by a torn up sea lion on his way in, turned out he had been bit by a shark, so that swim changed into a long walk and short swim farther away due to concerns that the shark might be waiting for him (big darn shark to get its mouth around an adult bull sea lion). Since then only bottom feeder sharks and some spinner dolphins. I am not sure what the rest of the summer holds for events and I finally lost track of my training but just Thursday I returned to IS workouts. That made running up and down a steep slippery slope "extra fun"

There seem to be a lot of people getting sick or passing away this summer, not just here but around me as well, its kind of a grim summer. Lets hope it turns around in August!

One ongoing project is applying shellac (French polish) to a new rocking chair. It has some strange issues. I tried to send a picture of the chair to an expert saying I don't' understand why this new finish is forming holes and patches like this but I accidentally sent a picture of the sea lion. The expert agreed it had holes and patches but why was I putting shellac on it...sea lion is now at sea world recovering and my chair needs one more area to be restriped ...
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Swimmerbee - boy, your underwater adventure (or should I say in-the-water adventure) is never boring. Wow, that's scary 'swimming into' an injured sea lion. Do you always swim with others (yes humans!), or go solo time to time? I know I should go with somebody into the woods for mtbking, but that's not always possible... just curious about your swimming.
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Geo - Nice ride!
Zoj - So sorry about your cousin's son. It's been a rough, rough year. And thanks for the anniversary answer. It was I (another anniversary conception) who asked.
Yo Sake & Sparty - Yay! I love it when our peeps get to train together!
Yo Sake - I loved the granny gears pix!
Swimmerbee - Yikes. I'm glad you got out and walked. You don't need to be the second course on a shark's menu. The shellac story with the wrongly emailed pix is awesome.

I had a pretty decent post-chemo Saturday. Some issues in the morning, but managed to get out for a walk and duck pond visit in the afternoon.
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