Thursday, July 24 - WORKOUTS! -
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Thursday, July 24 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Busy so right to it...

6 mile run early this morning. Felt better after yesterday's workout, which was similar to last week's workout at the same time, than I did last week but still painfully slow. I did Iron Strength on Monday & Tuesday and hills during a double yesterday. So good to feel better. But still slow and no where near back to normal feeling. Lack of sleep ain't helping either!

Great day, friends!
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Sparty- Sending thoughts and prayers to your family. I hope your cousin is OK.

1 mile run and a 2200yd swim this morning.

400 warm up,
300 drill,
3x100 base intervals,
3x200 fartlek intervals,
8x25 speed intervals,
400 cool down.

Hope everyone has a great day!!
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Lots going on in here.

X: You rock! Just wanted to pass that along.
Sparty: Healing thoughts to cousin and good luck to H today.
Thor: Thanks for the thoughts on 800s. New goal time is 4:15 and will build to 10 of them. 4:45 may be the goal as I add repeats.
TASM: You also rock! Passing along hugs and you got this girl too!

First track workout for me today ever or at least since I ran indoor track in HS in the 80s where I was particularly awful at hurdles. Scott and N1 joined me otherwise I would not have done it likely. By breaking this into smaller chunks I have no idea the total distance I ran until I calculated it out. Holy hot darn I think the laps gets me to about 4.7 miles. WOW! Shocker for me.
4 lap warm up
10 100s sprinting the straights and walking the curves
4 800s (supposed to be 5 but ran out of time) 4:03; 4:08; 4:11; 4:10 (will build to 10 and coach says try 4:15 the next time I do these. Yikes!)
2 laps cool down
Rush home to shower and get ready for work. Yikes! I miss working from home today. Darn meetings.
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Kind of sloppy morning around here - so brought the bike in for a lunchtime ride. 18+ miles; high 18s.

Congrats on reliving your teen years, MQ! At least this workout didn't leave you sprawled facefirst on the cinder

Sparty - sorry to hear about your cousin's accident. Hopefully he's stabilised... and good luck to DH.

KSurp - good to hear DH is on the mend as well.

TASM - Horse condom? Snort ... I suppose a breeder would know what those looked like! You've got this last month.

Great day all ..

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Thanks for the good thoughts on all fronts. No real updates on my cousin (still unresponsive and his hip is shattered). To be honest, I can't recall a single conversation with him as he is 11 years younger than I am. My parents both came from very large families and I have 50 or so first cousins...still, I lost my BIL to a motorcycle accident and the memories resurfaced quickly when I heard the news.

DH endured 6.5hrs meeting and trying to impress 10 people, pretty sure he will be exhausted when he gets home. We know he is 1 of at least 2 candidates.

TASM - any and all tips welcome! To be honest my LinkedIn profile was an afterthought 5 years ago...which is pretty obvious!

Hoping to run tonight, but may ride instead - hip/IT/knee hasn't felt great or even good since my 10 awhile back. Goals may need to shift as mentally I'm just not in a good place. Too much uncertainty for me right now.

Keep moving forward peeps!!
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MQ - nice 800's!! Good to job to get it done before work!
TASM - you cracked me up with horse condom thing - is there such a thing?!
Sparty - sorry to hear you list BIL to motorcycle accident. Hope your cousin wakes up soon, young man still... No motorcycle and football allowed in our household.

4.6 miles dead run. I'm trying to build up some running mileage since I have no firm plan for tri races (schedule conflict with the northern michigan Xterra EPIC race ). May try to race a half Mary in the fall.. Prelude to a spring full.
Will hit the outdoor pool during the DS's martial arts class. Trying to go back to the drills and basics and still working on breathing.

Great evening to all! It's in 70's here and nice cool Michigan summer night
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