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Wednesday, July 23 Workouts

Morning everyone..

Running late, so shorter commute in (17.9 miles) - low 19's avg. Not sure about evening commute (t-boomers may be moving in) ... so may be normal, may be short, or may be hitching a ride...

Great day all.

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Geo- Sorry to hear about your wife.

TASM- You are doing awesome! Keep up the fight woman!!!!!!

We woke this morning to a huge thunderstorm. These are not typical around here so pretty cool. I had been planning on running this morning but I'll move that to this afternoon. So, just an easy run to get the legs moving again.
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TASM: Keep slaying the cancer dragon!!!!

Active rest day...........6 mile walk
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30min on the bike. It's been a morning of rejection for DH, but he has an interview tomorrow. We've finally painted our bedroom and now we're working on the trim. I have to give him projects so he doesn't drive me crazy.
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Yes, TASM keep fighting!! You will continue to kick cancer's butt!!!

My parents seem to be doing good with eating healthier, though I'm not always there to see for myself. Mom has been giving me brief summaries of what they are eating and I definitely approve. Dad is taking a while to get used to it because everything is so bland. They are trying to figure out what healthy seasonings to use besides the normal salt. Since we are following along and being much more strict about our diets, I know how they feel. We have to vary what we are using as seasoning to keep things interesting, or it gets boring to me.

1 mile run and a 20.61 mile Z2 ride this morning.

Have a great day!!!
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1 hour on the trainer for me.

X: Experiment with spices. I never used to do this but have been trying to be more like hubster and just letting it go. Worst case scenario is it tastes bad and don't use that combo again. I found sage is nice with green beans. thyme works well with many veggies. Paprika and onion powder and garlic powder is great on grilled chicken. Let it rip and you may just surprise yourself.
Sparty: Sorry to hear about the 'no's' for DH. My fingers are still crossed.
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Tracy and I are very good at experimenting when it comes to cooking. We never fix any dish the same way twice. I use a lot of garlic and paprika on everything. Dad likes to experiment with spices and experiments all the time with his cooking , but he's always used salt as a primary too.
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Perspective: just heard a cousin crashed his motorcycle last night and is in critical condition. A few rejections don't seem so bad now.
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Crap. Sparty, I am so, so sorry to hear about your cousin. I'll keep you and the family in my thoughts. And sorry also about the interviews. Something will come along. It will. In the meantime, keep him busy!

x: Although your dad does a great job of keeping us updated on his health on FB, I appreciate you adding more "spice" to it here. Keep it coming. Your dad is friend!

TASM: You got this, girl! After today you have one more.

Double for me today...

4+ mile stroller run early this morning. We saw lots of trucks and construction equipment, but the highlight of the morning was a Bobcat on a trailer on the side of the road in a neighborhood.

Then at noon...

6 mile hill run including 8 repeats of a 2 minute hill. Was something like 92F out there. Good body sweat!

Great day, y'all!

Go TASM, Go!
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Sparty - my healing thoughts to your family's way. Yep, perspective.
TASM - two more rounds, you got this, You Go Girl!

7 miles run, on a much cooler day compared to yesterday. Boy, the low running volume really shows... 7 miles at over 9min pace shouldn't be this hard!
Debating whether or not I join GIRLBIKERS' dirt & singletrack ride this evening. will see how things go..
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Sparty: Hope your cousin will be okay! Keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow's interview.
TASM: Way to go and keep staying strong. DH is on gabapentin and so far so good.

60' swim today that included wu, 4x500 and 4x50 with 25 sprint/25 easy and that is all I had time for.
45' run with [email protected] and 1x1 mile @z4.
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Thanks for the cancer-dragon slayers and all the support!

Sparty - Healing vibes to your cousin. Dang, it seems like we can't quite keep all loved ones out of the hospital. Best of luck to DH, too. I'm not sure how much academia looks at LinkedIn, but I'd be happy to give some tips (from a soon to be unemployed marketing and pr person.)

Thor - are you rocking a double stroller now?

x- how about tumeric? It's supposed to have a ton of healthy properties. And probably not one he's used much before.

Ksurp - gapabentin was a godsend for me at quieting lots of really bad nerve pain. Just thought it worthwhile to share some side-effects I'd experienced... at minium, so he can associate the two. When the gabapentin is doing it's work, the side effects are TOTALLY worth it. But since I didn't have any exterior symptoms, I ended up taking it longer than necessary. Learning that turned out to be a good "side effect" of the hospital stay and not being to keep anything down.

My 11th time in the chair went okay. There were some dicey times, and I got to learn what a hospital-style puke bag looks like (without having to use it). It looks much more like a condom for a horse. Not sure if it looks like it's meant more for the male or the female. There will likely be a picture in a blog post at some point.

I am very psyched to have only one more round to go, but I'm also trying not to let myself think, "only two more weeks." It's only two more weeks for chair day, but the cycle lasts a full two more weeks after that. Still that means five months down, only one to go! Then the big finger crossing for the scans!
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