Wednesday, July 16 - WORKOUTS! -
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Wednesday, July 16 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

All: Thanks for the support with Maddie. It seems she is finally back to her normal self and, hopefully, long out of the hospital. I much prefer when we're all together, in the house!

Cak: Sorry to hear about Kaya.

x: Loved seeing the note from your dad on FB. His sense of humor is awesome!


4 mile slow, sluggish run early this morning. Slow and sluggish for many reasons -- lack of sleep, resumption of Iron Strength workouts, etc.

Body is feeling very beat up. Such is the after-effects of the 100 miler and its training.
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Cak -

60min on the bike, enjoying this colder weather today. DH has a couple of interviews lined up, so there have been a lot of conversations with God around here.
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1 hour 15 on the bike for me this a.m. watching Burn Notice Season 6. Getting toward the end and then picking another series to occupy my time.

Spoke with coach yesterday about Chicago marathon training plan. Going to stick with what worked for Boston which is 1 elliptical/week and 2 runs and increased bike mileage. This is easier on my body than I think adding more running would be. We talked about Yasso 800s and may add in those. My goal is a 4:45. I think it is doable given my half marathon finishes. Looking forward to going back to Chicago which is a city I love.

Here's to healthy peeps and peep families both human and fur families. Sending out so many good vibes it could trigger sonic waves. (I'm pretty sure that is not at all technically correct use of sonic waves but if it made someone giggle I'm happy.)
Here's to job prospects turning to jobs!
Here's to Ironman training keeping on the awesome paths it is already on.
Here's to sailing Lake Michigan with speed and grace!
Here's to those who have been busy and unable to drop that they are taking care of themselves as they need to mentally and physically!
Here's to aging gracefully which I know we are all doing!
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MQ- I giggled.

Sparty- Good luck to DH!!!!!!!

Life in the PNW has been super hot for the past 6 days or something. I'm trying not to complain too much but I'm just done. I clearly am ready to invest in AC. Maybe next year... lol

At any rate I did a 2 mile run this morning along with my rehab before the heat sets in. I have an OW swim workout with the team this evening. I have zero interest in putting on a wetsuit in the heat but it's a new wetsuit and I figure I best try it out before Saturday's race. And speaking of this weekend... Lake Chelan sits in a valley and outside of the valley has multiple forest fires happening. So far the valley is free of smoke so the RD is still planning the race. Temps right now are in triple digits and the wind is in our favor. I've got my fingers crossed for dying winds and lower temps.
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MQ: Love it!! Great messages for everyone
Alicia: Good vibes

Me: Working from my Mom's on Wednesdays. Got out for an early (for me) 4 mile run so I could get to my Mom's by 9AM. Brick tomorrow. Sprint on Saturday. This will be my one and only brick and I have swam only once. Bike and run are fine. Can you tell I am just doing this for fun??? #notarookieanymore
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Ditto on Julie's good vibes, Sparty...

And on the "sorry"'s, Cheryl...been a long time since I've had a dog, but I remember the feeling...

And wish I was aging gracefully, MQ I just seem to be falling apart....

40 minutes on the exer-cycle in the company gym ... unattractively sweating buckets....

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Cak: So sorry to hear about Kaya.

Thor: Awesome, or unique as some would put it. I'm just glad he can joke about it. I haven't asked him yet, but I hope he doesn't really remember much about the 2 days he was in extreme pain, and just has vague recollections of it.

75 minute trainer ride this morning. Too dark when I wanted to ride to feel safe going outside, plus it was 52 degrees and humid, which didn't sound appealing to me. 6 mile run after work with some intervals.

Have a great day!!
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It is still hot as stink here, IMO, and very humid.
Today, it's been raining rather A LOT.

3600y at early morning masters swim, a snack/coffee/some sofa time, and then 6 miles on the treadmill (63 minutes). 2 more miles on the TM when I get home, if I'm feeling up to it (I mean, like 21 minutes, surely I can do that).

400 free
100 kick
100 drill

4x through the following
100 free on 1:50, breathe 3-5-3-7
100 free on 1:40
100 IM on 2:00
100 reverse IM on 2:00

4x through the following
100 free on 1:50, no kick-kick-no kick-kick
100 free on 1:40
75 free on 1:20, smooth-fists-fast
75 free on 1:30, fists-smooth-fists

Cheryl (aka cake)
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DOR for me as I am on the road. I have beat the legs up the last several days, so definitely needed.

I was also forced into a new brand/style of shoe. For 12 years I have been wearing Adidas Response, but they apear to have cancelled the line. So with great trepidation I now own a pair of Saucony Guides. Put seven miles on them yesterday and three the day before, and so far so good.
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Live the MQ's comments!
Cak - sorry for misspelling Kaya's name. I think we went through this a few weeks ago, didn't we.... Peace to her, you and Tom.

4.6 miles or so run. Weirdly cool here. High 40's tonight... Seriously?

We just sat down with the 3rd financial planner; we are interviewing to decide whom to hire. It's just amazing how different everybody is and their fees are .. Jeebus, really? It's more than TRIPLE difference in fee for a comprehensive plan. Urg
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I got in 3400M in the pool. One of the longest swims since IMLT. Shoulder is giving me trouble, but I'll muddle through.

Collin Cowherd (ESPN): You can not solve stupid.

AdCo is wise. Very wise. - NRG71
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