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He's home now!

I got back a while ago from helping mom get dad dropped off at home. He's feeling much better, though still gets winded easy, so he's having to mainly rest and not do too much, other than the 4 walks a day to build up endurance. I think they are starting him off at 5 minutes at a time and gradually increase them. I know he's happy to be able to at least move under his own power when he wants to. There are big changes for both of them when it comes to diet, which means mom is putting me in charge of doing their grocery shopping for a while.
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Great news!

As for diet, so he and your mom didn't eat healthily?
Sounds like they got a great guy to help with the healthy choices!
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Great news!! Diet is the hardest part to change, but the fact that they are willing to hand you the reins is a promising start.
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Such awesome news!!!

Cheryl (aka cake)
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They didn't eat terrible, but didn't eat extremely healthy either. Probably a pretty standard American diet. There are 3 big things that need to be changed. We have to keep him from adding salt to everything. They need to stop the quick and easy meals, such as going out for breakfast, which they both love to do. Fortunately, the IHOP in Champaign is closed down, so that's not an option any more. Also, they like dessert after dinner, especially if we come over to eat. They will always have a cake, or a pie or ice cream, etc. at the ready if we are eating with them. The strange thing is, dad likes vegetable, he just doesn't eat enough of them. Mom, not so much, but she will eat them because she knows she should, if they are part of the meal. She just doesn't care for them.

I'm not entirely guilt free when it comes to my diet. I eat healthy in general, my problem is that I get hungry right before bed and want a snack. I've been doing good lately about not giving in as much. I also LOVE ice cream. I just need to select healthier snacks when I'm still hungry at night. So, we've all got work to do.
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Such good news! So glad to see this first thing this morning. A great way to start the day. Good luck helping them with diet changes. I know my mom is trying to get my dad to start eating healthier again too. It takes some time and patience for sure.
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This is SUPER great news!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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AWESOME news!!!! So happy for you. I am kind of there with you, my Mom got out of Rehab last Friday and we are all taking turns going over and helping her. She needs to lose some weight and right now it's kind of easy since she doesn't have her appetite back, but she LOVES sweets! So hard to drop that habit
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Great news, X. At least you have identified some areas to work on.
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So good to hear X!!
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