Monday, July 14 - WORKOUTS! -
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Monday, July 14 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Been a whirl of a last two weeks. As you know, my baby girl Maddie was born just over two weeks ago. We had her home for a few days before she developed a very high (103F) fever. At 3 AM last Thursday we brought her into the emergency room. We stayed in the hospital until Saturday, so Sunday, just yesterday, was our first "normal" day since. Maddie is now doing better. Turns out our son gave us all a sickness known for high fever, only in an infant you don't mess around. Other than that, we are all good and on the mend.


4.25 mile run early this morning.

Great day, friends! Missed you guys.
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Thor - glad you and your family are on the mend. That must have been a scary experience.

For me - I just returned from visiting my family in Rhode Island...with strep throat. Ugh! I have to stay home for two days to make sure I am not contagious. No workouts until Wednesday. I was worried b/c I only have this week and next before tapering. I don't want to lose any valuable time. The doctor said I should be okay by Wednesday and good as new for the long weekend workouts to come.
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Hey Thor,

Have you posted any pics?

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Ok, no more trips to the hospital for this forum!! Thankful that it appears both Thor's little one and X's dad are following a healing trend.

Yoga or rest today. My right IT band and the lower attachment point of hamstring/knee feels like its being seared with a hot poker - not very pleasant!
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I agree with Sparty... no more trips to hospitals folks!!!!

Weekend recap for me-
23 mile ride with a short ten minute run after on Saturday. Just trying to keep the bike in check so I can run at least some of this race on Saturday. It's gonna be a true mental test in patience for me.
Sunday I ran 4 miles- my longest since April. It went well I think.
Doing my daily rehab/prehab work too.

Nothing for me today!
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DOR for me today.

Raced Mass State yesterday with lots of friends including cak who smashed that course to high heaven. I know there was another LITer there as a relay but we did not meet. Zoj.... Em and AdCo came out. Saw Em after the race with cak. Thought I saw AdCo riding then dismissed my eyes. I should not have as it was him.

Mass State:
Mass State results. 10th fastest bike split for my age group (10/31). Whoop! My T times are getting better and better over the years. My run still sucks but it is what it is. I really do not run well in the heat and this was a hot day and had to beg for ice at the 2 water stops. Well run race but would have had more water stops and told the cop sitting in his car at mile 5 on the bike course to actually direct traffic because the close call I had with a car was not welcome. Brutal headwind on part of the bike course. No tailwind at all. N1 had a great race and went sub 3 for her first Oly so she was VERY happy about it. Hubster also had great race at 2:42 + change. My bike split was slightly faster which was surprising and awesome. This may be a PR for me at the Oly distance but I'm pretty positive that the bike course at 22 miles is short the regular Oly distance bike course. I'll see how I fare at Cranberry in August.
swim 31:19
T1 2:16
Bike 1:12:42
T2 1:40
Run 1:04:09
Total 2:52:05
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Thor - great see you back. Relieved to hear your girl is doing better. It's scary when your little one who can't talk is in discomfort terribly.

Great race, cak and MQ! Nice bike split MQ!

Recovery week (for The big race Sunday). 55 min on my tri bike, with some hard stuff thrown in. Some yoga later just to relax.
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