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On this day in 1861, Abraham Lincoln becomes the 16th president of the United States. In his inauguration speech Lincoln extended an olive branch to the South, but also made it clear that he intended to enforce federal laws in the states that seceded.

Since Lincoln's election in November 1860, seven states had left the Union. Worried that the election of a Republican would threaten their rights, especially slavery, the lower South seceded and formed the Confederate States of America. In the process, some of those states seized federal properties such as armories and forts. By the time Lincoln arrived in Washington, D.C., for his inauguration, the threat of war hung heavy in the air. Lincoln took a cautious approach in his remarks, and made no specific threats against the Southern states. As a result, he had some flexibility in trying to keep the states of the upper South--North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware--in the Union.

A little history for us.

45 minutes on the trainer and have 45 minutes on the elliptical planned for lunch. Trainer had 5 4 minute 110% FTP intervals with WU, drills and CD thrown in for good measure.

Geo: Congrats to DS!!! N2 is waiting to hear from 1 more school before she commits to any school. Hopefully this week.

P.S. Also cannot believe I started a thread. Maybe the earth has tilted a bit on its axis.
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MQ- Nice historical fact there!  When DH and I went to Georgia last year before DS deployed we visited Fort McAllister outside of Savannah.  We decided to watch the historical movie about the Fort and boy was I in for a history lesson from the South's point of view.  They didn't even try to be politically correct or neutral.  To be honest, it was pretty enlightening. 


Geo- Congratulations on the scholarship for DS.  Hopefully he doesn't hear the story of the teen in NJ who is suing her parents because she wants to go to an expensive school that they won't be able to cover with her college savings plan.  Oof!


Mike-  Okay, here is my best attempt at explaining the best calf stretch I've ever done.

Kneel down on both knees and take your right foot and put your toes on the ground like you're putting yourself in a track stance- arms on the ground in front of you.

Now, slide that foot back from your left knee about three inches

Then slowly shift your weight back.  You'll first feel the stretch in your soleus.  If you move ever so slightly (and gently) from side to side, you'll start to feel the stretch in your gastrocs. 

Then do the other side. 

Let me know how this goes for you.  I've never had a calf stretch work as well as this one.  Just be gentle about it.  ;)


Went and saw my chiro yesterday who caused me extreme amounts of pain and suffering with some Graston and ART.  Then he emailed my coach and they've made some adjustments to my plan this week.  Luckily it's a recovery week so it's a good week to get ahead of my apparent TFL issue. 

Today I'll be doing a 45 minute easy bike to see how it feels.  Strength training tonight will only be upper body and core.  Nothing lower body to give my "tissues" time to heal.  Of course rolling and stretching to follow. 

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Just an easy 1 mile run this morning.  Not much time for anything else due to an early morning dentist appointment.


Have a great day!

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Thanks all for the DS congrats :)   Not a full ride, by any means - but covers about 1/3 of the OOS costs (9k/year). That combined with the various savings between us and his grandparents means he can get out of Bing debt free. At least he can be assured that he doesn't need to go to UNH!



TT - I read that article this morning. Inconceivable! The poor dear doesn't sound like she stands much of a chance ...


MQ -  Right now he's been accepted at UNH, UDelaware, Binghamton, and UConn ... still waiting to hear from GWU, Leghigh, Northeastern, and UNC. On tenterhooks ... Probably going to visit UConn and Binghamton the week after next, so fingers crossed that upstate NY weather isn't too crappy...Give his druthers, he'd probably hope for UNC (not very likely) or Lehigh ... I guess I'd be happy with any of them as long as he wasn't over 20-30k in debt by the time all is said and done... To me, once you get past the Ivy's, any state flagship or better LAC is goint to offer him a decent education and there probably isn't much to choose between them in his circumstances (still fairly unfocused).


4.5 mile treadmill run - just under 8mm pace/0 incline. 8:06 for first 10 mins; 8:00 for second 10; 7:54 for third 10 mins, and then the last .75 miles at 7:48/7:40 ...


Good day all!



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Good afternoon, TEAM LIT!


Lots to reply to...


MQ: YES, Kim has indeed joined our Tuesday group. It's really cool to have her along because she truly emotes the glow of what running can do for a person. Her more so than others because she's more reserved, so she's not over the top. Just right. She had a great time at Black Cat with you guys. She told us all about it this morning. And hey, loved the historical fact! We should let you open the thread every day! Me, I'm too often crunched for time, so I put the little time I have into replying. <-- that's my excuse :) Nice run at BC! 9:40 is good pace for off season.


Tamster: Sorry to hear about the knee. If this persists to the point where you can ride but not very well, try gearing down to an easier gear and spinning more than pushing. The act of pushing places so much more strain on the knees. You can often get by by spinning more than pushing, so if you usually do a workout in a certain gear, go one down, or even two down, and spin more. Good opportunity to work on that cadence. :)


Alaska Mike: Crap. Dude, sorry to hear. Sounds like something real. You always do the smart thing, so just keep doing what you've been and you'll get on top of it as quickly as it will allow. Good luck on the next run today.


Reg: I bet you're chomping at the bit to get back outside. With your consistency making it lifestyle in three seasons plus, I bet the winter is nice for some downtime, but this is way too much!


zoj: What running shoes have you been in? And what type do you need, or do you not know? (i.e. support, neutral, etc.) Maybe I can help. Maybe not.


Sparty's hitting up the bricks!


Double for me today...


5.65 mile run early this very, very cold morning (3F) with two others. More miles than degrees.


Then at noon...


40 min TM speed play intervals over exactly 6.0 miles:

o WU - 5 min to 7:30

o 20 min as {1 min @ PACE starting at 10.0 mph (6:00), notch one up each intervals w/1 min rest @ 7:30}

o 5 min @ 6:40

*Intervals were: 1 min @ 10.0 mph, 10.1.... 11.5 mph (5:18 pace?).


Great day, friends!

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The war historian loves the history snippet for the day!
Tammy - in college I did a bunch of research on the border states, firm believer in viewing all angles not that I switched sides lol

Unplanned DOR for me unless I squeeze in some yoga tonight. Feel like I'm fighting off a cold. Blah.
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3 mile run, which may not sound so exciting, but I ran with no walk breaks, finally! Happy to be getting back on track!
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Thanks for the history, MQ. Loved Team of Rivals.
Yay Julie, great run!

4.5 mile run this evening, 7:45/mile pace. Just shot out the door as soon as Matt walked in from work and didn't slow down until I walked back in. Should really do more intervals, tempo, etc. Just glad to fit anything in!
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This morning, 1:30 on the trainer riding "kaweah" on TrainerRoad (included 5x10-minute at threshold power level at 95-99% FTP with 5-minute recoveries between intervals) and a 1 mile brick run.

This evening, a 5 mile ez run.


Slipping back into it...

Cheryl (aka cake)
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So not been around much, company has grown about 40%... in 2 months. Been busy.


oh yeah and I got the flu. the same one sending people to the hospital around here. I avoided that.


Anyway, today 45min on the trainer @ 150w. By far the hardest workout in 3 weeks. I'm almost back.

- If you think you can't, you're right.
- Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
- REJOICE and Whine not! For today you are doing that which most only dream.




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