Thursday, November 28th Workouts and Eat-a-thon - Happy Thanksgiving!! -
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On this day in history (or thereabouts) a Thanksgiving tradition was begun. Feasts prepared, turkeys trotted, and bowl games watched. 


I know that today as every day, I am thankful for the friendship and support of Team LIT. 


I've been travelling, so catching up a bit. 


Thor, I hope Camden and the family are feeling better soon. 

Yoshi: Good job on the purging. I inherited a pack rat gene from my dad, but I try to fight it. The long distance move to Seattle helped encourage some serious purging. 

ksurp: What's this with a sneak attack on the PNW? Maybe next time you are out there way there can be time for a proper meet up. 

cake: your swim workouts are at once inspiring and daunting.

Ronbo: I hope the sunspot activity has died down so you can get some peace from the computer woes. 

Tammy: Nice job riding outside in the cold.(Cold for us, anyway!)

Sparty: Stay strong. Things will get better. And I am sooo jealous about the AlterG. Let us know what you think.

Geo: I'm glad there is a limit to your willingness to weather the weather. It makes me feel like slightly less of a wimp. 

x: bummer about the shoulder. But your bike will no doubt benefit from the extra love.

hobey: I hope you feel, better, too!

AM: I have to get back to your wonderful Myrtle set. Good stuff, that. 

zoj: Nice 5k!

MQ: remodeling should count double!

Bannon: Scream back at said arch. It may not make it hurt less, but it still may make you feel better. 


Catching up for me: the flight back to the Midwest was good... I am so thankful there is now a non-stop. I'm not sure I could have handled it otherwise. There was a bit of a surprise obstacle course getting to the plan. Since it's a smaller plane, we had to go downstairs to the tarmac and then take a narrow ramp up into the plane. It wasn't too bad, but since I'm still a bit limited mobility-wise, and since I couldn't see the route ahead of time, I took advantage of the "board now if you think you'll need extra time" option. I'm glad I did. I wouldn't have wanted to hold folks up going downstairs. 


The ick and the travel combined to leave me pretty wiped out. So I've been pretty restricted to PT and a little TRX. I'd love to use the nearby 24 Hour Fitness's pool. I think it's even a saltwater pool. But with a cold, I don't want to risk messing things up for others... even though it would be the ultimate saline wash for the sinuses. :)


There was a funny bit when I was visiting my niece and her friends. My niece mentioned their nanny would come by and take their dog on her five mile runs. One of her friends was surprised at the length. My niece explained that the nanny is a marathon runner. The friend said, "Oh, she's one of those." Hah! The funny thing is, that the same woman did the Turkey Trot with her family today...just walking, but getting out there just the same. It's just funny the spin on someone being so "extreme" as to run marathons. :)


Happy thanksgiving to you all!



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Originally Posted by TriAndStopMe View Post
ksurp: What's this with a sneak attack on the PNW? Maybe next time you are out there way there can be time for a proper meet up. 


Sorry!!!  I would have loved to plan a PNW meet up but unfortunately that wasn't in the cards for this trip. :(  DH is still struggling with his concussion symptoms so that has altered our usual travel routines and we've had to cut back on the number of activities/getting together with folks we would normally enjoy in each day. We'll be out here again especially if DS is serious in another year about applying to U of O.


3.2 mile run for me today. Now we are just waiting for the turkey to finish cooking so we can eat. 


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

TASM- That's how I'm looking at it, more money in the bank on the bike. Plus, when it comes down to it, I'm probably done getting any faster on the swim without significant effort. Tri swims are around 70% technique and 30% fitness anyway. I could probably swim 1x per week and it wouldn't affect my finish time that much. I can use the mental break anyway.

1 mile run and a 90 minute trainer ride this morning. Did some drills and big gear intervals for cycling specific strength.

I hope everyone is having a great time with family and friends!
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Originally Posted by ksurp View Post


Sorry!!!  I would have loved to plan a PNW meet up but unfortunately that wasn't in the cards for this trip. :(  


No worries! And lots more good thoughts for DH's concussion recovery! This was my first flight since my whole lupus thing, and I was mighty glad that there was at last a direct flight to the family gathering in Nebraska. It cut flight time from 6 1/2 to 7 hours down to 3 to 3 1/2 hrs. 

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Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!

TASM - glad the trip went ok. Even to a healthy able body traveling is tiring.

7.5 miles run before a crazy day with DH's side family, 18 total. It was in low 20's but little wind and snow covered street I took easy and felt I could go on forever. I guess I need to slow down to rebuild the volume. Foot is doing ok. Never had a chance to take a shower so ended up cooking and eating in my running clothes.... My first in 19 yrs hosting the family T-day dinner. I'm darn proud of it !!

DH and DS ran the Detroit Turkey Trot (I heard the biggest one in country?!) 10k, then DH did 5K as well. Happy to see him sticking with this tradition - this is his 4th? turkey trot.

Thankful for what I have in my life to make it so special.
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Howdy everyone!

I got to spend a couple hours with my Fraternity buddy that I pledged with who lives in Minneapolis and was driving home past where we were. Was awesome catching up and seeing his stunning daughters. It's crazy to have known them since before they were born and see them from when they were tiny little girls and now one is going to Iowa on a full ride in Engineering. Very neat.

I slept in. Like 8 hours total. Got up, worked a couple hours and visited with family, then took a nap smile.gif

2 hours later... got up for Thanksgiving dinner.. .

Then I took a nap smile.gif

Then I got up and finally went out and rode MTB for an hour on some icy trails.

- If you think you can't, you're right.
- Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
- REJOICE and Whine not! For today you are doing that which most only dream.


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late to the party as usual!


1 hour on the trainer before heading to my sister's for the annual turkey times!

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Zoj- I'm later than you!  :)

Ksurp- I was going to ask the same thing that TASM asked.  You snuck up on us.  I'm glad that DH is doing better though.  Hopefully you'll be coming back.


After getting the bird in the oven, I took off to the streets around my mom's house for a run.  She lives on a hill, so no matter where I ran, I was running up at some point.  At the end of the run I had an additional 6 x 12 sec steep hill sprints for good measure!

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I'm also late to this party and catching up again.

5k Turkey Trot for me on Turley Day. 27:56 total for the 3.1. Yay!! Of to B's family for the day. Called my family en route. Nice day to do something other than home improvement.
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