Friday, July 26 - WORKOUTS! -
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Good morning, TEAM LIT!


A pilgrimage years in the making for me this weekend. The wife and I are grabbing our boy and making what will no doubt become an annual trip to Baltimore to visit Camden Yards! Although the boy is too young just yet, one day while sitting in the stadium eating a hotdog and watching the game, I will tell my boy where he got his name from, that Camden Yards was staple yearly occurrence in the lives of his parents. It's where they/we got the name. Very looking forward to.




10.5 mile run early this rainy morning covering two loops at my favorite set of trails with Andyman. This guy is motivated and really getting strong. I love it. We were average paced for the two loops, but he felt good at the end. I am training with him for a fall trail marathon, a dream of his. This is the same guy who paced me in the 100 miler. We've run for so many years. He had written off marathons over 10 years ago, but after pacing me at the 100 he got inspired to run a trail marathon. And here we are. The best part is he has no idea how strong he is. He will do this easily.


Have a GREAT weekend, y'all!

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Love the tradition Thor!


1 mile run and a 10 mile recovery ride this morning. 



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On this day in 1775, Congress establishes the United States Postal Services and names Benjamin Franklin as the first United States postmaster general. (


Easy, 3.8 mi run this morning.  Even though the pace was ridiculously easy, my lower legs were simply hurting.  My soleus muscles are acting up again.  They've been cranky for the past couple of weeks, but the hill running I did last night seems to have put them into overdrive.  I found some Bobby McGee active release exercises for the soleus and my coach wants me to start working with a softball.  Ouch, that's going to sting!


Let neither rain nor sleet nor heat nor gloom of night stay you from swift completion of your appointed rounds, tri-peeps!



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Thor - I might have missed something... What is your connection to Baltimore?  Glad that your Camden is not 'Green Monster' or something like that. 


I was able to squeeze 2000m swim between a long work trip and kid driving duty yesterday.  Came home with a full intension of running, but saw DH whom I haven't seen for 2 weeks.  So of course we ended up opening a bottle of wine and talked about his/DS's adventures  at Boy Scout National Jamboree.  Wow is all I could say. 


Not sure what I am going to do, other than taking PM off.  MTB relay tomorrow, and now "Venus Envy" (only female advanced team last year) has a competition so I will have to bring my A game.  Easy 5 mile or so run and easy yoga or something.

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Swim 1600.  Debating on easy run or long walk with the puppy..................


TGIF peeps!!!!

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Riding the XTERRA Portland bike course after work tonight.  Will do a short OW swim before and short trail brick run after to make it a mini-tri (with full bike length).  Should be a solid workout.  If I have time after, I might stop at Hobey's house on the way home to drink one of their beers and finalize our plans for meeting up with Tri-Tammy and 3ChiliPeppers tomorrow.


edit:  Have fun, Thor!!  Sounds great!

- Le Bannon
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lift session at the Y before the public got there. It was a short one as I had some what overslept.


Good luck to all racers.

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Good luck to our racers this weekend!!

Y instructor had to reschedule for next week so instead I dragged the kids over and did a swim workout over lunch. That is probably the hardest time for me to swim as child watch ends before lap swim. Either way every minute in the water benefits me. Mixed bag of drills, 1200y.
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Mojo racers!

Long weekend for me. Likely a DOR since I decided peach pancakes were a better proposition than a short spin this morning. Then I got my hair and nails did. Planning on lunch with my boys and laundry this afternoon. Don't be jealous y'all. smile.gif May see/feed Bannon later...


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Happy and safe racing this weekend all! Yesterday was run with some usual suspects. Hung back with Julie and really enjoyed her company for 5 miles. Picked up pace for last .3 miles to see if I could and I could. yay Bagged swim this a.m. because was too tired and rainy. H up snoring last night and when I finally went to couch I couldn't sleep. Ugh! Also, still not getting paragraph breaks in after restart so sorry if difficult to read.
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early morning PT and then OWS - 2 miles in Lake Michigan before a full day of work. Love swimming in the AM in Lake Michigan, so peaceful

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- REJOICE and Whine not! For today you are doing that which most only dream.


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