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Last day before vacation and just one more week until the Rev3 Full in Cedar Point!!


Workout and massage later - I think! 

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Good morning, TEAM LIT!


Final word on the Canadian Death Race. Several days after the race, while on the plane flight home, I started the outline of a race report by tapping into my iPhone Notes app. I did this for the full 7 hours (two flights) spent in air. Since then I have been doing a half hour to hour a day, mostly during the week, and am finally nearing completion. It will be very long -- and there are no obligations to read. It should be ready, should you be interested in learning what was involved in the race, either today or early next week. The race, as any epic race, was about the journey, and when ever you have an epic journey, you have wild self discovery. Sometimes it is scary what you learn, but mostly it is good, as it makes you a better person. Me, I learned something about myself that I was never ever able to articulate. I discovered a behavior that I developed as a kid to help justify, even cope with, things. Turns out I did it again with the Canadian Death Race. Strange the things you learn.




6+ mile tempo run early this cool morning. Legs felt amazing and wanted to go. I dialed up pace to edge of tempo and kept it there. Focused on form and staying in the moment the whole way. To say I enjoyed this race misses only one thing, and that is a single word -- "thoroughly" -- which should be inserted before enjoyed.


Great day, gang!

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1'15" on the bike this a.m.  Got it done when I did not think I really had it in me.  Glad to be able to say that.


Good luck any racers this weekend!!


Have a good long weekend to all who have the opportunity to have a Monday holiday.

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weights for me later on today - busy weekend, but am aiming for a 90 min ride tomorrow, a swim and a 50-60 miler on Monday....keep fingers crossed that I get it all in!

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The usual ...


Good weekend all! Holding down the fort with the kids while DW goes for some solo R&R.


Also - car shopping for DS maybe - so he can stop running my car into things, and start running his own car into things.



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Happy weekend all!  30 minute run today and 30 minute swim, feel good!

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happy weekend!


mileish ows after work.


impulse signed up for the sprint at Cedar Point next weekend. 

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Thor...yay!  Taper reading!!!




Not sure when I posted last...Sunday?  Monday?

Been a busy few days at work and it paid off with some great results today!  Will require some lab work this weekend, though.



Here's what I've been up to...


Tue- social, point-to-point OWS ~1.4 miles in the a.m. & 70 min trainer ride (with 4x90sec high cadence intervals) in the p.m. (menstrual cramps = not feeling like going outside)

Wed- 70 min trainer ride (with 4x90sec high cadence intervals) & maintenance phase strength workout @ 50% volume (really sucked not riding outside, but was at work too long to make that possible)

Thu- 5 mile run in the a.m. & awesome dinner meeting with coach

Fri- 1.5 mile OWS



Have started to pack for Cedar Point by gathering magic markers, glitter, glue, & scissors!

Cheryl (aka cake)
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Happy Labor Day weekend!


Cak - your packing list is a little different than mine.  Hummmmm.....


Quick recap:


Tues: 2800 yd swim followed by 40 min easy run

Wed: 1:20 on the trainer

Thurs: 1 hour run at half goal pace in the am followed by 40 min easy spin on the trainer in the pm

Fri: 2000 yd aerobic swim

Sat: I was supposed to do a 1.5 hr ride, but with Isaac coming through Cincy I decided on back to back spin classes.  Followed by 15 run after class. 


I am now under strick instructions to do nothing but relax for the rest of the day - coach orders!  Which game am I going to watch....

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