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I'm doing 15.5 tonight.


How's everyone doing? what's up for the weekend? 

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Hey there,  I've done stuff but haven't posted. 


Wednesday: 1 hour on the bike with I think 6 hill intervals.  2 BBQs

Thursday: 50 minute 5.25 mile run with the peeps and hubster.  Arthritis was being mean yesterday and almost had to bag the run.  Gotta figure out what is going on with that.

Friday: Rest day  Sox game later.  Haven't seen the Sox play in years.


I'm pretty sure I'm racing Mill City Sprint this weekend on Sunday.

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Commute day again today (40+).


As I was cresting a hill on the route today (coming to a stop light at top of the hill), a guy in a Miata - stopped - leaned over and said something about powering up the hill (must have been a bike weenie!). He was right though ... I make it about 90% up the hill, and then end up spinning the last 10% where it has a moderate grade increase. As JR would point out - not good racing form to lose all speed at the top! Still ... it would be easier if I could start shedding weight. Got to say, I'm actually in a rut weightwise for the first time (I usually shed 15 lbs or so in the summer, and am just down 5 or 6). Damned age and metabolism!


Anwyay - with tomorrow's long ride, that'll wrap up a good 260 mile or so week.


No other big plans. DD is off to camp on Sunday for 2 weeks, so things will be a lot quieter around the house. smile.gif


Happy Friday and have a great weekend all.




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Howdy all! Thor - hope you're on the mend soon!!!  AdCo - have a great run tonight!


Yesterday was a 4m hilly run, today p90x plyo. Looking forward to some hiking a little later on!

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1hr run this morning, 7.01 miles. 1 in z2, the rest in z3.

Have a great day!
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Just a short 30 min run to wake the legs up today.  On tap for this weekend:


Sat: 53 mile ride and 3000 yd swim

Sun: 2 hour run and OWS

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Thor - feel better!


Hi everyone - waving!


Been a busy week - we got back from Florida last thursday (vacation) and been trying to catch up ever since!  


Long ride on the 4th (50)

DOR yesterday

1 hour ride today

tomorrow an OWS...


Musselman in T-9 days....yikes!

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Adco - hope your 15.5 mile went well!  was it super hot?


About 1.3mile OWS.  Holly cow, the lake was even HOT.  Don't remember it got that hot EVER.  That's it today, oh, deep tissue work on my back and psoas.  Groin/Psoas still bothering :(    New York City marathon may be run based off of bike endurance and past long distnace training (if anything is left).... still 17weeks or so away, though.


A long mountain bike on/off road tomorrow.  It will be a HOT one! 


Stay hydrated and safe to those who are racing or working out for long.     

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5.5 muggy miles this evening.


It was a good week for me:


Sun: 4mi run at the lake (Timberman run course)

Mon: 15mi bike at the lake (Timberman sprint course - first roadbike since Sept 2010)

Tue: 3mi run (Timberman sprint course)

Wed: OW swim in the lake until my daughter chased me down in her tube and said "play with me!" (first OW swim since Sept 2010)

Thu: rest

Fri: 5.5mi run (longest run of 2012)


You'd think I was training for a triathlon.


This might be my first daily thread post since Sept. 2010 -- first time in a long time I've had a week worthy of posting.

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Yay! Dougie is on da' house! Welcome back!

Third day of blue skies and sun. Woohoo!

Fairly lame 45 minute walk/run. Hip is bugging me some, but brain is bugging me more. Stress is messing with my focus while running. Must. Over. Come.

We're supposed to have a pretty weekend. I'm planning to put it to good use. For one thing, I need to get some miles in that aren't on a freeway-adjacent route. I don't think that's helping the stress or focus.

Happy training, all!
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Hi ya, Doug!


Been a pretty good week for me...


Tu - 7.4 mile progressive tempo run, very short swim in ocean (fear of getting hit by boats in the channel)

We - 29.5 mile ride with the middle 10 miles in HR zn IV, 3 cheeseburgers, fireworks, couple of G&Ts, couple glasses of wine

Th - brick (19 mile ride, 12 mile run)

Fr - 3200y swim & strength workout

Cheryl (aka cake)
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