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To all my KRMS Peeps!


For those outside the US, have a turkey sandwich today ;-)


I'm off to do a 4mile turkey trot fun run

- If you think you can't, you're right.
- Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
- REJOICE and Whine not! For today you are doing that which most only dream.




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Happy Thanksgiving!


New puppy was up at 6 went for a walk. 10 month old boxer/lab. already 65 pounds. Walked both dogs at 8:30. Older brother is a 95 pound lab/swiss mountain dog. 


Time to finish cleaning the house. We have 20 friends coming over. All the peeps who had no family to visit.

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Happy Thanksgiving LIT peeps!


Originally planned on the local turkey trot this morning but Little BrewDad's feeling under the weather. Time to start cooking up a storm since the Bannons are coming over later!


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Happy Thanksgiving, Team LIT!




Town Turkey Trot 5K this morning for me. Hammy wouldn't let me hit it hard, but I was still able to run first place in the old man category (40+), which was good for 10th overall. Last year I did this and won a 3 or 6th month membership to the Y, which was good for something like $250-350. So I'm hoping this year will be similiar (awards are mailed). Some fast youngsters were out. It was a bit frustrating knowing that I gave the first mile away and spent the rest of the race catching up. But hammy needed time to stretch some. Was in 50th to 100th place at the start, worked by people slowly as hammy warmed a bit, and hit first mile in probably 25th place. Kicked it into a better gear from there. Went through 2 miles in 12:00, around the high school track, and home in 18:30 something. About a minute off my PR for the distance, which again is to be expected since I couldn't run all out. Extremely fun time, as friends from town all came out, so it really was a massive social good time.


Make it a thankful day, Team LIT!

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Happy Thanksgiving!  Best holiday of the year!!


3 mile Turkey Trot with DD-10.  Forgot to stop the watch at the end, but we hit the first mile at 11:00.  Slowed quite a bit after that, though, until the sprint at the end.  Good stuff!


Good job playing it smart with the sore hamstring, Thor.  And still finishing 10th, not too shabby for an old man.

- Le Bannon
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I'm heading off the slope today and flying directly to Fairbanks for Thanksgiving with the family for the first time in about 12 years.  Hope everyone here has the opportunity to spend this holiday with family or friends.  And a special thank you to those who can't be with their families this holiday because they are out protecting our freedoms - you're in our thoughts and prayers, come home safe!


No turkey trot either here or in Fairbanks, so I just did 10 miles on the treadmill.  Achilles was a bit sore at the end of the run, I'll have to keep an eye on it.  I catch my flight in a few hours, a short 1 45 min ride, then off to my sister's and time to stuff my face and then collapse in a food coma in front of the TV watching football.


Thor - great job on the trot!  It gets harder and harder every year on the short races, competing against the youngsters.  Way to hold the line!


Be thankful, tri-peeps!




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Just an easy 7 miles for me today. Let the feasting begin!


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Happy Thanksgiving, Kicksters!


No turkey trot for me today.  It was pouring this morning.  With a marathon next weekend I decided not to chance the rain and cold.  Swam instead!


Off to stuff my face and watch football!  Who-Dey....

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Happy Thanksgiving, all!


My mom and I had our dinner last night so today is just "lay around and do nuthin' " day.


I started the morning out by stepping in cat poop in the hall.



Since there isn't an organized run around here, I just went out and did my own "Turkey Trot."


Drizzly, grey day...so I was sure to wear the blinky vest.  At least the semi trucks were all staying home.  Those suckers have blown my hat off of my head before!

Ferries are for wimps!!
Let's swim!
Swim Trek '08
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Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Did the local Turkey Trot 10K this morning - goal time was 55ish, assuming I could kick it in gear. First mile was 9:38...lots of people and narrow roads. So, just figured it would be a good training day and threw the time goal out the window. But as the race went on, people spread out and each mile was faster than the last and I knew if I could keep up a good pace, I may stand a chance. Got down to faster than my my last 5K pace for the last 2 (!!) and finished in 54:56! Yahoo!  My Garmin said the course was 6.28, so I was definitely pleased.


Now hanging out with family and getting ready for the feast!!

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No Thanksgiving here in Cozumel but I had an awesome swim at Chankanaab this morning! and my bike is assembled and packet pickup is done!


Happy Thanksgiving to y'all!

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Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!


~4 mile run with the dog this am...good enuf for me.  ;p

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An hour run this morning with Matt and Eli and the neighbors. Then off to a friend's house for the big Thanksgiving feast. Stuffed and nursing Eli and ready for an early bedtime soon!
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Happy Thanksgiving friends!


Up early to spectate the husband's first half marathon.  He did great - 2:17, really proud of him!


Me:  4.4mi jaunt through the neighborhood before we headed over to eat with friends.  Take care of yourselves this busy holiday weekend peeps.

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missed the local turkey trot so I could get an early start on my drive to mom and dads.  ran my own turkey trot from my front door. had a PR today on pecan pie/pumpkin bars/fudge eating!!

happy thanksgiving to all!

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