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Hi Kicksters!


Yesterday was my first ever Ironman experience.  I was in awe and totally inspired!  I ended up working in the women's change tent.  At first it was very slow as the pros didn't want or need any help.  However, as the day got longer, the more help was needed.  I helped put on sports bras and change shorts.  I helped put on socks and shoes (and in some cases remind folks that they probably would want to change out of their bike shoes before the run).  Most of all I gave encouragement.  Unfortunately, I had to help some to the medical tent to drop out. 


These folks were suffering.  It was 94...and I believe 96 with the heat index.  There was not a cloud in the sky until 4pm.  Everyone was dehydrated including the volunteers.


I do have a follow up question.  IMKY was the race I wanted to aim for.  However, I heard multiple comments/concerns regarding the safety on the bike course.  My friend who completed his first IM yesterday commented that quite a few folks crashed b/c pedestrians were allowed to cross the streets in front of the bikes.  One of the pros crashed b/c he ran into the back of a parked police cruiser.  Whether the pro or the cruiser was in the wrong place is unknown, but it was a very serious crash. 


Is this a common problem or is this something that this race in particular has to get better at?


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I didn't see any bike-ped crashes or bike-car crashes.  There were however a ton of-I can't make it up this hill crashes- and later in the day some very serious, looked like dehydration/heatstroke crashes.  It was BRUTAL out there.  As for safety, there are a few spots that you have to watch out for, in a few places if you go to fast you will crash, but they are well marked, and staffed with volunteers telling you to slow down.  The real issue I had with safety on the bike course was the locals out on the course during the race, there were more than a few times that I thought I was going into a ditch because of car traffic being really inconsiderate.  I would say, you should treat the bike portion of this race the same way you would a training ride- you are responsible for your own safety.  It is well worth it though, the course is spectacular and favors people who ride with lots of momentum.

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I've done this race twice (I did wreck the first time, but it was a stupid on my part), and I don't remember there being any problems with pedestrians crossing in front of me.  I do remember getting slowed down because of cars on the course going through LaGrange.  Pedestrians getting in the way has to be a combination of them not being aware, and the volunteers not getting them through fast enough.  


Just from my experience, I say this is a very good race and I plan on doing it again at some point...for what my opinion is worth.

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