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1500 yd swim this morning:
300 Warmup,
3x200 on :10 rest,
3x100 on :10 rest,
300 cool down.

Pushed the pace a little on the intervals, but not anywhere near a sprint. Felt good even though I'm still battling the sore throat I woke up with on Saturday morning before my OLY. Hope to kick this Before my sprint this coming Sunday.

Great workouts to all.
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Hiya!  Back from vacationing in Michigan.  Lots of running up there, some swimming, and even some SUPing!  They had some races there and I was able to meet Dean Karnazes, who has apparently taken up SUPing as crosstraining.  He's way shorter in person that I imagined :D


1:20 8.8 mile run today in soup!


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3,000m swim this morning - felt OK, but not great.

500m warm-up

4 x 100 drills

4 x 200 @20 sec

6 x 100 @15 sec

4 x 100 drills

300m cool down


My neck is still hurting (it has been a week) and now my right wrist feels like I sprained it...I have no clue why though, just popped up last night.  I am going to the doctor tomorrow to have him check me out.  I haven't felt "right" for the past four weeks and my self-diagnosis is pointing to Lyme Disease (no I am not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be one).  I had a bad fever four weeks ago, followed by full body aches for a week or two.  Now I'm dealing with lingering aches and weird pains that pop up out of no where.  Very strange.  I need some answers before the NJ State Triathlon (Sprint) on Saturday.


I am supposed to run for 45 minutes this afternoon.  I'll probably get it in, although it might be a slow one.


Have a great day everyone!

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Busy day for me here. Did Coach Troy's Timesaver 23.0 Tempo/TT workout. Short but I felt like I did something.


Last night a massive thunderstorm with hail blew through here. Worst t-storm I've ever seen at home. 2 large parts of trees broke off and crashed down into our driveway. It was unbelievable that the trees fell exactly in the open parking area between 2 of our cars. If DH hadn't have left 15 minutes before his car would have been crushed.  Amazing.

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Up early for a quick spin on the trainer.  Felt like crap :) Then off to get the oil changed do a little shopping, and now packing some stuff, followed by massage, chiro, then drop the dog off for his vacation at my sisters and dinner with a buddy.. oh, I have to pick up Cak later, too.. 


sigh, busy day..

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4 miles this morning.


Felt a lot better than recent runs.


Made some changes w/ Lisa at the gym, too....... not to jinxx it or anything, but it appears as if the attitude adjustment trip may have helped.  Yay!

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Back to the grind and I think the first PNW LITer back from a fun racing/camping weekend. I have a RR up on my blog and I think I'll just link to it from here instead of giving it it's own thread. I'm feeling a bit guilty that my crazy work schedule these days has left me with little time to read/respond to everyone else's RR.


I took stock of the body carnage this morning and I feel like Humpty Dumpty: tight quads from racing, decrepit shoulders/upper back from work stress, camping, and racing, and a stiff neck from my fall yesterday. I'm taking a rest week this week and I'll probably start gearing up for one more sprint tri in September and a half marathon in October. Massage tonight so my LMT can start fixing me.


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Flyby from the library as AT&T cut my TW line...


Son1 and I headed to Buck Creek to ride the 70.3 course.  Very rolling.  Stupid hill into Catawba got me again.  But, now I have a better idea of what it looks like/how to train.  Son1 decided he was still too wiped from the weekend's double century so we capped it at one loop for 26m.  Quick shoe change at the van and I headed out for an easy 2m trot.  Actually felt pretty good!  Sicne we were at the lake, only one thing left to do--quick dip in the lake!


Although I still suck at hills, I do think today went well.  Certainly more hill work in my future!  Hoping to ride the course again in a couple weeks.  Oh, and no aerobars for this course.  Too much shifting!

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AM: Masters swim 2300m?


WU 300/200kick

4 x 50 drill (rotation, catch up, zipper, triple switch)

50-100-200-200-100-50 ladder times about (48s, 1:41, 3:22, 3:22, 1:39, 46s)

200 kick (25 kick/25 kick sprint)

200 pull?

6 x 50 on 1min

CD 200


15 minutes of core/weights


Probably missing something in there.  Someone said my kick is very nicely timed with my stroke.  I never heard that one before, I thought my kick is horrible.  He swims on a 1:20/100m base so I'll take that


Bike/Run intervals tonight in team practice.

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45 min run at lunch...took a while to get things going again after Sunday's race, but all in all, felt pretty good to get the kinks out.

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30 minute run - turned out to be a very easy one as I just needed a day to recover from what has been a really intense 3 weeks of training in a row. I can't wait for next week to roll around so I can really have a chance to recover a bit.

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Street hockey at lunch ... short-handed, so built up a good sweat.


Had PT this morning. Tried the foam roller for the first time. Ouch. But ordered one for home use - hope it gets less painful with time.



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Masters swim this morning.  Main set was 3 x 500 m.  Rode my bike there, so about 8 km round trip.  Just finished a 50 minute run in the hot sun.  It was a trifecta kind of day!

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14.8mi bike ride.  This is a loop I like to do with some pretty steep quick hitters and few long grinders.  This route is meant to be done hard with no easy spinning, just lots of hammering.  It was great.

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65 min in the pain cave. 80+ degrees in there even with garage door open

4x6min at 255watts

Spent PM at animal shelter adopting 2kitties

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