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So I have been looking forward to the Duathlon in Fairfield for a few months now. I hadn't been able to train like I wanted to because of being sick. I felt better so decided to compete after getting a good week of training it. It was a 2mi run, 11mi bike and 2mi run. I get up at 6:15 AM the race starts at 7:30 AM. I walk outside at about 6:45 and it is about 70 degrees and sunny already. We get to the race and I get my stuff and set up at transition.

The race starts and it is pretty fast and I am not feeling too strong. I get to the water stop but am unable to grab some water. I just keep going and know I get get liquid once I get on the bike. I come into transition at about 15minutes and some change. I am pretty happy with that. There are still a lot of bikes on the racks. I change my shoes and get on the bike and start pedaling.

A few people pass me but I am doing much better than my last duathlon on the bike. Not as many people seem to be passing me. At least this time I am feeling more competitive and don't feel like I am standing still as I am being passed. I am happy and I look down and see oh wow I have only gone about 1.5 miles YIKES!! Oh well keep pedaling and following the bikers in front of me. We take a right hand turn and are heading up a hill. Not too big but kinds of steep. I thought to myself "Hmm they said this was a flat course" I keep pedaling and now for the down hill. It was great. I passed a few people but there didn't seem to be too many cyclists around. Finally I am at about the 8 mile mark and am happy that I am almost done. I pass a guy and he asks if we have to do that loop again. I tell him I don't think so because I am already at 8 miles. He was happy because he didn't want to go up the big hill again. I take a right and there are a bunch of cyclists in front of me. I see two girls I was riding with in the first 2 miles. They both had taken off on me and I thought this was strange. All of a sudden I was in a crowd of cyclists. People start spreading out again. I pull up next to a girl and ask her where the end is. I am not from the area so I had no idea where we were. She said down the street and around the corner. We kind of chat a bit and she pulls ahead of me. I am at 10.5 miles when I start to talk to her. We keep going I come around the corner into transition. I look down and see I have biked 12.6 miles...hmmm. It was supposed to be an 11 mile course. I look at the bike racks and there are a ton of bikes already there. Oh well, I change my shoes and wobble out of transition.

I start passing people on the run. This is my strong event though I am not feeling too strong. I get to the water stop and grab a cup of water and just pour it on my head. It is hot and sunny. Luckily I had water and Gatorade on my bike this time. I continue to pass people. I am running on the left side of the road and run up to a driveway and near a curb. The next thing I know I am on the ground. I landed on my chest and my cheek. Those are what seem to hurt the most. I just lay there for a few seconds. I think I was stunned. Two guys stopped to ask if I was OK and help me up. I look down and both my knees are bleeding and so is my right elbow. I start running slowly. The guy next to me says "Just take it easy" I think that is a good idea. I run with him for a bit then I pull away from him. I pass a few more people and then head into the finish area. People are cheering and I come across the line in 1 hour and 20min. I was hoping to do better. My last duathlon was 2mi run, 10 mi bike and 2mi run and I did it in 1 hr 18min. I guess I shouldn't be too disappointed.

My fiance' took pictures of me finishing. (which I will post later once we download them and I figure out how to post them). He looks at me and says "Wow what happened to your face?" I say, "Look at my knees" A nice man had some water and a towel and he helped me get cleaned up. There was no first aid station there which I thought was a bit strange. Come to find out people were told to go the wrong way on the bikes. My fiance' told me that some people biked too short and only did 7 miles. Other's biked long. What a mess that was for the race director. Apparently many people were VERY upset about the mix up. How the heck they did awards is beyond me. I didn't stick around to find out. My left shoulder was in excruciating pain last night I just couldn't get comfortable when I was trying to sleep last night. Luckily I had some Percocet left from surgery I had a year ago. I took one and fell asleep and then took another this AM. Not a good day after all I am still glad I did the race though....I think.
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Wow, way to tough it out!! What the heck happened, did you trip on something or just pass out or what?!

Well nice job, anyway. At one of my races last year the volunteers at one intersection told cyclists to go the wrong way, then realized their mistake and changed which hand they were pointing with, so there were some pretty upset folks at that one. Oh well, they should have listed to the RD describe the course at the start of the race. He specifically said, repeatedly, to go RIGHT at the intersection.

- Le Bannon
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I really don't know what happened. I think I may have tripped over part of the curb and kind of got the wind knocked out of me for a bit. It was strange. I am glad I finished but wouldn't want to go through that again!

I just looked up the race results and it looked like a bunch of people were disqualified. I guess those are the ones that biked 7 miles or something. I don't know....
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Wow! Way to tough the race out. Great job getting out there. Now take it easy.


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Ouch!! probably the dreaded jumping curb. Gotta watch those.

Sucks the course got confused!!

Way to stick it out!

->>> John <<<-
Because too much fun is never enough.
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wow, way to stay with it. glad you didn't get seriously hurt.
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Congrats on your du, runrchk.

And you know perfectly well that neither of you are likely to figure out how to post a picture. Let me know if you need help.
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Well done, BikrRunrChk!
So... an easy race made tough by confused volunteers and nasty curbs?
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Way to stick it out. Sounds like it was tough all the way around. Can't wait to see the pics.
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Thanks everyone and I am sure I will be looking for your help QN!! You do know us well
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Way to tough it out at the end there great race! Heal fast! I thought it was great when that guy said you should take it easy, and then you eventually pulled away from him.
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Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a tough day but you handled it well. It is always so disappointing to hear about screwed up race courses. Way to go with a strong finish after your fall. Take it easy and heal up quickly.
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