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I am so far behind in my reading, I may never catch up. I am buried at work and at home right now. And I fly to the states for another 10 day business trip on Monday, further putting me in a hole.

I am trying to stay current, but my goodness. I see reports, questions, and lots of great info. I just can't get my arms around it all.

Anyway, great job to those who have raced, sorry for those who are sick or injured, get a life for those who write oddball posts and replies (such as this exhibit A), and to answer all the questions: you need to train harder.

I will be lurking and skimming.

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Jim as long as you are getting the training in thats all that matters

I assume that you are taking your bike with you to the US

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Dude-are you stopping in Atlanta or WHAT? I'm on vaca!

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I'm glad I'm not the only one! I have been "lurking and skimming" too... trying to keep up. I am very impressed with the great race reports and good questions (and answers) but jut not enough time to feel like I'm on top of things.
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I feel bad when someone says "Just got back from a 2-month layoff" and I think to myself "Oh yeah, forgot all about that triathlete!" It's hard to keep track of everyone.

- Le Bannon
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Me too!! I skim the more recent stuff. I feel guilty because my house gets no cleaner while I sit here on the computer!! I need my down time, though. I was gone for 2 weeks which felt like an eternity. I'm training a lot now, though!
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I understand what you mean ... during busy periods, I try to skim as much as I can and throw in the odd remark, but there's a lot that I'll skim and not have time to post.

So to those who race and write RR's and to those who have birthdays, my apologies for not posting and congratulating you or wishing you a happy birthday ... Most likely, I've skimmed your thread, but just haven't had time to post ... it's not because I don't care ...

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I've been away more than I want to be as well. The project I had promised to do for my dad hit full bore middle of May (including three all-nighters during Memorial Day weekend) and I've barely had time to keep up with anything here.

June & July are going to be crazy too, but ironically, I may have a little more time to keep up with things here because of what's upcoming in those months

How to run a marathon: Step 1: You start running. There is no Step 2
- Joe
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amnesty please...

I was thinking last night. I'm not being a very good imaginary friend.

Mojo to all racers, runners and players alike!!
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