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Well, I was very excited about this race this year. It is the third year in a row I have competed there. As an added bonus, they added a "heavy" version this year with 750m in the pool, 30km on the bike, then 7.5km running, basically adding 50% to all the distances from the previous year.

However, a business trip came and I ended up being gone 2 full weeks leading up to the race. I managed to run twice during the first week, but after that I had zero chances for working out. We flew home overnight Friday night and got home about 11 am Saturday. The two weeks of fatigue really cought up to us. Barely was able to make it to race on time, because we were still tanked from the jet lag. But, since I had signed up for it, and it was close to home, I went and did it anyway. There were about 13 waves, so I was actually able to go pick up my packet check my bike in, and then go back home for about an hour.

Anyway, on to the race. I hopped in the warm-up pool for about 30 seconds of swimming, then waited for my wave. Took off and just tried to settle in some pace that felt comfy.

So, I always whine about swimming in the german pools with all the folks swimming wide with their breaststroke. But check out this form I am showing here. Talk about taking up a bunch of the lane. I will be trying to focus on my legs a bit in the morning in the pool.

Came out of the water in something like 16 minutes or so. Not a bad time for me. Then I blazed through T1 in just under 3 minutes, which was quite fast considering there was a long run.

Then it was out on the bike. I haven't even but aerobars on the bike this year yet. But this course it well suited for riding without. It is up and down and right and left. Very technical in parts. I thought about jroden out there and passed two folks through a series of turns by simply staying off the brakes. Here I am just out of T1, ready to head uphill for a little while.

Here I am at the end of the first loop. That hill comes at the end of a nice downhill section.

Form looks ok in general I think. Knees nicely tucked in, but probably need a little more flex in the elbows. Of course, I need to get rid of all that frontal area as well.

Bike time was just a few seconds under the hour mark. Not a bad effort for me all things considered.

So, it was then on to T2. I arrived there just behind a guy who was a great bike handler. We met up in the beginning of loop 3 and we climbed up the first big hill together and chatted. Then we went to the technical section and he was essentially gone. I was astounded to watch him zip through the corners. He told me running wasn't his thing so I knew I wouldn't see him for long.

Now, the run course had been nice and flat and fast in past years, but when we came out of T2, they made me turn left. Uh-oh, there is nothing that way but a vineyard, which of course means steep hill. Up to now, I was staying quite comfortable with my effort. But I had to dial it back a bit on this hill for all three laps. I could really feel the two week break during the run. Sped up during the second two laps, but averaged about an 8:00 pace the whole time without undo stress.

Finshed up in right under two hours, somewhere MOP. Overall a nice day. Would have liked to have been trained instead of coming off of two weeks living off of fast food.

Once again a shout out to Michele for her support. I personally wanted to stay in bed, and I was racing. Not sure how she puts up with it.

That is about it from here. Last race probably before IM Germany.


Oh, no breakfast report, because my system was all of whack, and I didn't really eat any breakfast. Though I did grab a sandwich sometime mid morning.
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Great RR! It looks like it was a beautiful day.

As an aside, I am surprised at the number of baseball style caps in your pics. I thought they weren't as popular in Europe.
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der Kaiser... awesome job on jett-lagged legs and training that was, ummm... not what you wanted. Still, seems like you handle tough courses very well. Shows your strength.

You had me laughing as, in the middle of your report, you stopped to critique your form . I suppose, though, that your form is better than you think, because although you do indeed want a good bend in the elbows for most times, I suppose when climbing a hill, the need to get down low and stay compact is much more diminished. So good form!

Thanks for sharing, man... and I agree, I don't know how Michele puts up with you

Cute last picture. You guys make a happy couple!

Now rock it toward IM Germany.
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Kudos for getting out there and doing it. I think I would have stayed in bed. Great job!


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Nice report and photos!!
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Nice Race JK and great report

Sounds like a nice tune up before Frankfurt

Not long to go now before we toe the line together

Hope all the training is going according to plan

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Just think of it as "lots of taper" but I feel ya, I hate trying to do a hard workout/race right after a trip. I don't know what it is about sitting on an airplane that drains you so. I think they suck your energy to fly the plane.. or something

good work, great attitude

- If you think you can't, you're right.
- Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
- REJOICE and Whine not! For today you are doing that which most only dream.




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Your swim legs cracked me up. I know mine look even worse. Nice race and great pics.
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Great race report and pictures. It looks great out there. Traveling and eating carp is a tough thing to deal with, but you got back into things nicely. Now you got to hit it for IM Germany!
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