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Finally getting around to writing a RR for a race that happened two weeks ago. My excuse is I flew to the states the following day and just got back home. Anyway....

A couple coworkers do a little running and told me about a half they were doing that was only about 10 miles away. I fit well into my training plan and would bookend a decent three week training block, so I said sure, why not. My intent was not to race it at all, and simply use it as a nice training run. Since it cost a whopping 8 Euros, not a bad plan. My coworkers were expecting to run 1:45 - 2:00. I figured I could go 1:30 right now if I raced it, but wanted to take it easy and run with those guys just for fun.

We took off a few minutes late because the bike riding guides were late. There were showers on and off going in, but the temps were moderate. Anyway, I hung out with them, and we trudged off about in last place. I think the guy with the yellow bandana was the last one:

I forgot to check what different paces mean for a metric marked course, so I did a little race math in the first kilometer and came up with 5 per k is right at 1:45. We hit the first k marker well into the 6th minute, and the guys were urging me on, so I went ahead and picked up the pace. The course was pretty nice, two loops with a mean climb up into the vineyards between 6k and 8k, leading to a nice downhill finish. I came through the halfway point in 47:42 having passed a multitude of runners. I had already told myself that no matter what, I did not want to be passed by anyone. So going into the second loop, it got a little dangerous as I was now catching people who were running closer to my pace. I tried several times to sit on people and just cruise along, but I always seemed to be trying to go one step faster, so I tended to just pull out and go.

Passed one guy just before the top of the final hill, and he tried to stay with my on the downhill for a bit. So I remembered what I was taught while in the Army in the Blue Ridge Mountains - on the way down gravity is your friend, focus only on getting that next foot back out in front of you. I applied those principles and left him well in the dust. Was able to pass about 100 people and not get passed by anyone. Came across the second loop in 46:25, a bit faster than the first, but was actually about perfect on pace since I was super slow in the opening kilometer. Total time of 1:34:07, not bad for a long run.

Now for the best part. One of my coworkers came in in about 1:50. We stood around talking a bit, then he looked at his watch and said "Oh I got to get the beers, because Jens will be here soon." He then waited at the finish line for Jens.

And the exchange was made at the line.

Classic, and something you see over here.

No race is complete without a call out to Michele for the support.

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Great race, and nice finish, I should run races with your coworkers more often!
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what kind of recovery drink is that or more importantly what flavor??
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Dude, this race report made me smile. It really did. That is the way to run; that is the way to live and breath races while taking first and foremost time to have fun. You know you could have finished faster, but then you may not have had the fun time you did. By doing it this way, starting with your pals, you included more of yourself in other's people's experiences. And look at that... great finish time, too!

Love the pictures, especially the finish line with the beers, but the very best is the happy smiles on you and Michele's faces.

And by the way, see the Daily Bread Thread for Saturday, if you didn't go back. I have a special message there for you. Inspired by you. For you. All of that. Check it out, and visit the link... you'll see.
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Oh, and what beer was that? It's obviously a wheat? Looks good from here.
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Sweet! I love the beer exchange. In glasses, no less. Good, hard workout and awesome pix!


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Great race. I love your pics and race report. Looks like you had a good time.
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That looks like fun! Love the beer hand-off at the finish
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Nice race. Well done on the mental math. I have the same problem going from metric to miles! Good job running your own race, and picking it up over the second half. 1:34 is a fine time for a half, you must be pretty happy! Oh, und wilkommen zuruck in der Heimat! (Zweite, oder sonst!)

What kind of race is that, where you pay 8 Euros, AND have chip-timing? That's pretty neat. I only do the ghetto, cheapo races, where I pay 5 Euros or less, and then have to run without a chip! Did you have to put a 1 Euro deposit on your start number? I love that!

Thor: Those are indeed wheat beers - you can tell from the hazy colour of the beer, and the shape of the glasses. Here in Germany, they're called "Hefe Weizen". Great beers for summer - they have an almost fruity flavour that works perfectly with afternoons in the beer-garden!
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Great job man! That really sounded like a great time and those beers like real good.
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Wow, good friends, good beer, good run - what a day! Congrats. Must have been a nice send-off before two weeks of travel.

- Le Bannon
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