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Ronbo, congrats for your PR! I bet it hurts gooood.
But you know this is not enough and we need a full RR, riiiiight?

In the evening, DW wanted to go to the gym, so I went with her and did some lwoer body and core weights, bringing the weekly total to 6:19.
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I had a mixed bag sort of run today. 22 miles. First 7.5 miles with a few of my fellow tri-clubbers, the "slow patrol" as they called themselves. 92 minutes. 2nd 7.5 miles, we went back to the meeting area to drop off a few and add a few. Ran the second loop in 70 minutes. Then 7 miles on my own. Bad hydration and nutrition planning led me to bonk hard about two miles from my car. I walked the entire last mile. Got home weak and shaky. Lesson learned for next time.

Yoshiko-Bad runs happen. You are in a tough training mode right now, take another week or so to weigh the pros and cons of the marathon, and maybe see how you feel after a lighter week. Hang in there!
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22 miles is still 22 miles! Nice work, Charlotte.

Measly little 17.3 mile ride for me. Seems even shorter now that I see CC's run. During the ride, it seemed MUCH longer as I was battling crazy wind. First as a partial crosswind... the kind you have to lean into and don't realize how much you're leaning into until it suddenly stops and you find yourself steering straight toward the ditch. Still, the crosswind was better than the headwind. It was so stiff it slammed me down to the granny gear on the freakin' flat. (Of course, if it wasn't a flat, it wouldn't have been so windy.) At one point I was barely holding a touch over 10 mph on the flat... as an experiment, I stopped pedaling and promptly started losing 1 mph every two seconds. Yeesh. Even tried a little dirt road short cut to avoid backtracking for more headwind. Unfortunately, the short cut was too short to cut all the way to the road I needed to get to. So I still got to backtrack.

Major upside, I wasn't racing sunset. I love that it's staying light longer!
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our broadband went down at home, so late posting. ran 18 miles in the rain.
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