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Seeing all the long runs everyone is doing is making me crazy...I still cant run due to injury. I'm going to have to settle for a tempo swim and some trainer work. My 70.3 is a little more than a month away. I'm gettin scared I won't be able to due the run.
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3.5 mile easy run outside - beautiful sunny 30 degree day here.
30 minutes of strength training.
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Welcome back John. Can't wait to hear all about your trip.

Matt - thanks - I've been pondering the rubberband issue, the pictures helped a ton!

Bike/run brick with the tri club. 1 hour on the spin bikes at the Y, followed by a 4-mile run. Legs felt pretty strong for my first brick of the season. After the first mile, my stride lengthened out. Nice sunny, cool day. Nice to be with friends.

Oh, and Jim - awesome run for you. Congrats!!
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4.8mi late afternoon run for me. Beautiful, 38F and sunny, crisp, no wind. Perfect.

Thus ends another 4-week cycle with my "hard" week. 25.3mi total running on the week (a new PR -- longest mileage ever in one week) but only a little over 2 hours of strength training/yoga. Not the right balance but the running was feeling good this week and it was nice to actually get outdoors twice to run. I am looking forward to the beginning of the next cycle starting with a "step-back" week, meaning I cut all the volume in 1/2 and then build back up with the 2nd week "easy" (the last cycle's "medium"wink.gif, "medium" (the last cycle's "hard"wink.gif and then "hard" (last cycle's hard + 10%). It's nice to find a method that's really working for me.

Thor: rest up buddy!

LRR: Welcome back. Did you bring me some Brunello? wink.gif

All: Excellent long runs, long bikes and swims. Sunday was a good day, eh?
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led 2 hour spin class, threw in a new music mix - with some killer new songs. Gravity Kills - Guilty and Wish from Nine inch Nails - both AWESOME for attacks practice. Attack pause Attack pause, etc at irregular intervals.

Then off for 35 min run which turned into a 3 min run which I bagged because my right knee area thing was super tight and almost hurting. Not gonna risk it, so I did core, lower (mostly), and upper body weights since I had some time. I then went swimming with the boys for a hour! I ended up being at the health club for 4.5hours - guess we are getting our money's worth out of that place. biggrin.gif

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15.14 mile run. Felt good to get back into it, having had a half-week of rest.
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1h 20run in the am.

1h 50min trainer (Aero Base Builder) in the pm. I wish the snow would go away so that I could ride outside...

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I was with a friend in the Austrian Alps this weekend, and ended up going snowshoeing for over 5 hours on Sunday. It was a beautiful sunny day (which left me looking like a painted raccoon), and really warm. We climbed up to the top of a mountain, gaining over 1000 meters of elevation in the process. On the way back down, the route I was taking (the others all had touring skis, and so they skied down the face of the mountain) was cut off by a small, but loud and very disconcerting avalanche. My HR went through the roof!
I made it back down to the bottom of the scary-dangerous part, and then ran/walked the rest of the way back to the car. This prairie boy is not going into the mountains like that again for a LONG time.
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