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17 miles biking in 54 degree temps. My toes were numb afterward.

Tried to keep 90 cadence and stay in the aero postion as much as possible.
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My workout is from yesterday, can't find yesterday's workout thread....

3300 yds with the master's team at my sister's house.
200/300/300/200 (sw/pull/kick/sw) WU
200 FR
200 IM
4 x 200 (1-3 FR, 4 BK)
2 x 500 (3 x 100, 200) <-- 1st was 100s FR, 200 BK 2nd was 100s BK, 200 FR
300 SW
200 cool down

Did I add right? (I'm sooooooooooo bad at adding)

The intervals were good for me in that I was a bit ahead of the two I shared a lane with for the FR but a bit behind for the BK stuff. I still had to work to keep up, but wanting not to look foolish, I pushed a bit harder than I've been doing in the mornings. My lane-mate moved and now I'm swimming mostly by myself when I'm there,....tough to keep it "on" when there isn't someone else making bubbles in front of your head.

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Ran 7mi ([email protected] MP)
Indoor trainer 1hr 35min while watching "The Flying Scotsman"
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