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Sorry, spaced last-week's.


LW: 191

CW: 192

GW: 185

WL:  +1 lbs


I seem to be going the wrong way.  Need to turn this ship around...


Flounder, just saw this, sorry:


Originally Posted by Flounder View Post

Chris - I need your help


I have been running trails each week and sometimes the only time I can get to them (1 hour drive) is during the week.  That puts me on technical trail after dark - I have done OK up to know, but I am not tracking the rocks and roots very well, so I end up running up all the hills - shuffling the flatish stuff and walking the downs.


Can you suggest what you think the best:  Headlamp and small handheld flashlight are?


Last night was a good example - I started at a point in the trail where it is really technical and hilly for 4 miles - So the 40 minutes after dark were on that trail.  I might have went further - But I was not looking to rock hopping when you can only sortof see the rocks.  I had put new batteries in headlamp last time, so that was not the issue.


I prefer a handheld... I don't use a headlamp at all.  The Petzl headlamps are supposed to be awesome though.  As far as handhelds:  Fenix.  I have the Fenix LD-20.


It's a GREAT light... I love it.  Super super bright, adjustable brightness settings, and a really long burn time on the lower settings.  I usually run on the 2nd lowest setting and go weeks (months?) w/o changing batteries.  It's pricey, but worth every penny.

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Thanks Chris



I went backward also

LW 218

CW 220


Part was the 50 mile race Saturday - Part was the 10 beers and lots of food after the 50 mile race Saturday


I usually pride myself on ideal pacing - But then again sometimes you think it was ideal and you might have left some on the trail.  This time I purposefully went out harder than I thought I should.  4-5 minutes faster on the 1st 9 miles to see what would happen.  Basically my legs felt crisp and burning by mile #12 and I went into active recovery mode and cruised until mile 40 - Then I felt pretty good and hammered home.


Mile 1-9 in @ 77 minutes = 8:33

Mile 40-50 @ 90 minutes = 9:00

by defaults that leaves -

Mile 9-40 @ 5 hours = 9:40 pace


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SW 220

LW 232

CW 228

Week -4

Total +8


The warm weather seems to help because I didn't really do anything to merit that much loss. A lousy 8 miles last night, but a decent sweat so maybe water loss. Recovering from the strained hammy. Took it easy. Less than 30 miles last week.

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