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So I can post the final standings for the event.

If you could forward any numbers that you have to me as soon as possible, I would really appreciate it.

Also, if you any feedback, or other suggestions that you would like to see for next year please let me know.

I hope everyone enjoyed the event, and thank you for participation

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I thought it was awesome! Here are some suggestions for next time:

Maybe have it be clear whether you can change the dates around on some of the events. For example, if you have to work all day on the "try a new and longer route" day, can you do it the day before or the day after, etc.

I'd love to have an event one day where, similar to writing down fitness goals, people write what positive things they've gotten out of fitness and post about them. That would be inspiring.

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I think it was great. I had (still have) problems getting weekly scores from one of the participants but that isn't the end of the world, although it probably will drop our standings a bit. I assume you got my last PM about our final score of the last week. Please let me know if you never received it.

One small suggestion -- as an example, one daily challenge was to call your dr and schedule a physical. My insurance only covers one per year, and I can't get another one till Feb. So it was too early to call and schedule, so I lost those points. Perhaps having an alternative permanent choice for each day for instances like that -- something like doing 100 jumping jacks without stopping. So any day when you can't do the challenge because of some weird obstacle, you could do this one replacement challenge. Anyway, it's just a suggestion.

Thank you again for coordinating this! I really did enjoy it and it helped me maintain my motivation.


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Thanks for taking the reins of this Cappy. It was fun and I will definitely do it again next year. Like Riley said above, I already am on top of all Dr's appt so that stuff didn't apply. But I think it's good to remind folks that they should do so and after all it's all in fun.


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Did the final standings for the Maintain Campaign ever get posted?
Thanks for a great event and for all the work put into it!
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