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#1 of 6 Old 12-13-2007, 07:28 AM - Thead Starter
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Try a new and longer running route, 10 pts
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I'm running a route that I've only run twice in my life instead of the one I've done about 300 times.
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No can do today -- we're expecting a huge storm; plus my knee is still feeling wonky this morning. I'm going to lay off running completely until I see the ortho on Monday.

Just core work with special attention to the "fluffy" abdominals today.


Running in memory of my Dad.
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I'm actually going to try to run on my lunch hour today, and the route will be totally new. Since I think I have a 4.5 miler scheduled for today (part of my half marathon plan), I'll try to get in 5 miles.

If you know anything about my "speed," you'll know that this will make my lunch hour more like a lunch hour-and-a-half!

No explosive diarrhea in the Jello pool, please. - Dylan McKay
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I finally got my nerve up and used the studio's Athletic club for the first time. I changed there, and then went for a run around the surrounding neighborhood. Then I showered at the club and went back to work. Good lunchtime run -- felt great!

Although I sorely missed my packed dirt trail that I run on in the mornings up by the reservoir. Concrete is nasty!
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No ten points for me couldn't handle it.
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