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drgenie 12-07-2007 12:25 PM

Pamper yourself - do something just for you - and share the details, 10 pts

This is one of my favorite activities!!! Guys, you may not be into bubble baths and pedicures, but there are lots of man-friendly things you can do to treat yourself nice today....please do! It's an important part of getting through the holiday and year-end stress!!!

Have fun everyone and come share what you did!

theia 12-07-2007 01:17 PM

I looked ahead in the calendar last week and saw this weekend's challenge. I've been saving my pedicure 'til now!! CAN'T WAIT.

Ken A 12-07-2007 01:25 PM

How about opening up that bottle of Single Barrel Jack Daniel's that I've been saving for a special occasion? Would that count??

wanderingoutlaw 12-07-2007 01:27 PM

Hey now! I'll never turn down a bubble bath or pedicure.

I probably won't go the bubble bath route today because I'd have to scrub the tub before bathing--I don't want to put that much work into pampering myself

Tamster 12-07-2007 04:18 PM

This evening, after I make and decorate my son's bday cake for tomorrow, I shall soak my footsies in a salt crystal bath, make them all nice and soft while drinking a glass of wine! ahhhh!!!

jebba 12-07-2007 04:40 PM

Well, mr jebba is at work until tomorrow morning, so I don't have a ton of free time. After the kids go to sleep, I am going to play a video game on the computer.

CrazyEye 12-07-2007 07:28 PM

I'm going on a 2 hour car ride tonight - I'm going to nap!! Don't worry, I won't be the one driving.

NBjunkie 12-07-2007 10:11 PM

I plucked my eyebrows--does that count? If I have time I would love to do a pedicure and foot soak---------and I went to the gym--which is just for ME--I got to swim and bike (which I only get to do 2 a week---- )

Ken A 12-07-2007 10:42 PM

We just bought a Homedics Shiatsu foot massager and Massaging chair cushion. I just spent a half hour on I opened the bottle of Jack!

wanderingoutlaw 12-07-2007 11:40 PM

The day passed more busily than expected so my self-pedicure didn't happen, but I did clean the not-as-bad-as-expected tub and soaked in a bubble bath for a while. Hopefully, I'll enjoy the self-pedicure this weekend--my toenails (especially the black one) and the calloused soles will thank me.

Alex 12-08-2007 01:26 AM

I let myself have more than one cupcake...three actually. Being strict ain't fun all the time right?

Calliope 12-08-2007 02:23 AM

I'm going to go to read a good mystery, tucked up with a couple of warm blankets and a mug of hot cocoa.

mmoonptdeux 12-08-2007 09:10 AM

Chick-Fil-A....nuf said

willrun4chocolate 12-08-2007 11:53 AM

I snuggled in bed and watched a movie!

Cappy 12-08-2007 01:13 PM

Thanks for posting this genie, I forgot to post the thread before I went to the office, then was tied up for the remainder of the day


Tamster 12-08-2007 03:19 PM

hmmm, interesting Greg . . . was that part of your pampering/relaxation for the day?

drgenie 12-08-2007 06:09 PM

Me too!! And I didn't feel guilty about it once!

Cappy 12-08-2007 06:12 PM

-100 points for your team

QuixoticNotions 12-09-2007 11:17 AM

Bought myself a new book to curl up to! Mmm, reading.

runrmommy 12-10-2007 02:59 PM

Took a long soak in the tub with bubbles and a glass of wine.....ahhhhh!

wherestheportojohn 12-10-2007 09:47 PM

got mom-scaped [waxing the menopausal hair off my face]


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