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Our Simple Rules:

There aren't too many, and they're not too hard to follow, but please take the time to read this, If you're here and plan on staying, then - it IS your home. We're not exclusive - we don't 'demand' allegiance; nor is there any 'kool-aid' for you to drink! We aren't here to compete with or be 'better than' any of the other forums . We're all just like restaurants - each having their own menu and atmosphere. Sometimes you feel like a full course meal with a small jazz band; other times you're ready for beer, wings, and Rock and Roll! BOTH are GOOD!!!

Our Moderators:

We have moderators, but their real job is to make sure the grass is cut, the cat is put out at night, and there's beer in the fridges.... We don't have "thought" Police, and we don't ban people. We DEPEND on each other to simply be civil and respectful. When that isn't possible, then the moderators get distracted and then the beer inventory goes down. Butt slapping is ok, debates are fine - just try to keep the sticks in the yard and there's way too much glass around here to throw stones – treat posters on line as you would in public and we’ll always have ENOUGH BEER!

Private Messages:

Take advantage of the features we do have - PM is there for your use. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or complaints.. drop a PM to a moderator and we'll address it (except complaints - JC is in charge of those!)
When I was young, we had 'party lines' - telephone lines that was shared by several people - THANKFULLY - we've got Private Messaging so we don't have to get someone’s attention with a thread. If you have a topic you'd like someone to read, post it with an appropriate title and then PM the person to let them know. After all - Hairstyles may come back in vogue, but who wants to go BACKWARDS in features!!!!

On Puppets:

One final thought - Since we like you JUST the way you are (all your wrinkles and warts as well as your dimples and demeanor) - there is no need to recreate yourself. Besides, how ya gonna make it to Kickster! if you go and post as a split personality???? One of you is MORE than enough. – One account per person please! will be what the kickrunners make it.. and so far – our members have made it a very nice place to be!!
So, if you agree to these simple rules, then.... Welcome Home!!


PRT Guidelines (that may be applicable elsewhere)

Parody Threads: Are okay in moderation, but there is a fine line. A number of people came here because there weren’t so many here.

Stickies: 3 Max.. A new one means one has to go… (This is Grizzly's own PRT guideline for himself)

Call Outs: Please, no. PM is there for a reason.

Stay on target: Target ideas, not people.

Self-Restraint: Just because you can say something doesn’t mean you have to. We don't delete posts here and what you say can stick around a loooong time.

Coconut: The PRT is a coconut-free zone.

Profanity: We're not about censoring posts, (see Self-Censorship), but please keep profanity out of thread titles.

Piling On: Think self-censorship.


Who's Who In The Zoo

Owner: Rich (satfix). He's the man behind the very first vision of this site way back in the day, and he's the one who's marched us through version after version. He's the guy who pays the bills too.

Admin: Sierra. Think of her as a super-mod. There's just too much going on here on any given day for one person to keep track of. Sierra helped nurse this site into existence and keeps it going day-to-day.

Modulators: Various volunteers who help make sure that the beer is stocked. Not sure who your modulator is? Well on the Forum Index screen the modulator for each forum is the person whose name is on the far right. The same applies for sub-fora, for each sub-forum the modulator's name is on the right of the listing.

You can contact the modulator by clicking on their name and sending them a PM, or you can use their handy-dandy email accounts located at:
modulator name AT kickruners DOT com. satfix and Sierra have accounts as well.

Please Note: It is standard policy here that if you are contacted by one of the above (except for personal matters) that the message is CC'd. This is to ensure that the owner, admin and modulator(s) involved are all "in the know".

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