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I'm on Week 5 Day 2 of the C25K program. This week seems somewhat daunting with the increase of 5 min. to 8 min. to 20 min. of straight jogging/running. I read here this plan was developed in the 90's. I know it's still doable, but I was wondering what you had learned that perhaps makes your program more doable or better. I noticed yours has shorter run times with alternating walking breaks. Do you find people respond better to that sort of training. Just curious, because I do want to try to make running a part of my long term health. I'm willing to switch over to your schedule if it's more successful. At this point, I don't like running (gasp), but I know it's good for me. Thanks for any info.
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Hi cindew, Both programs were written by the same person, Liam3494. He wrote the c25k for coolrunning back in the day. The program here is recently written taking into account feedback that he has gotten over the years since writing the c25k.

If you have specific questions about them, feel free to pm Liam and I'm sure he will share his reasonings for making the changes he did.

Hes not around all the time.. but I am sure he will respond to you as quickly as he can!

Oh... and welcome to Kickrunners!
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Apologies, I have been on vacation - Just back 5 minutes ago, and checking post - will respond fully when I wake up


Check out my blog at
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Thank you. I actually completed Week 5 Day 3 on my 2nd try. I'm set to start Week 6 on Wednesday. Is it a problem to switch over in the middle of the program, or should I just try to finish the C25K?
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I would love to hear the answer to this question too. I've just begun week 5 of the c25k and wonder if I could switch over as well.
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Liam - who wrote our three programs - was a co-writer of the original C25K Program at Active - formerly coolrunning - FORMALLY KickSports (where we all came from orignial)

The three programs here are designed to meet the original C25K but then offer a bit more for those who want to move beyond the 'beginner' program. For those who've completed the Beginner, Liam wrote the "sequel" - Intermediate.. and then finished the "trilogy" by doing the advanced program.

Moving from C25K to our beginner should be relatively easy.

the nice thing here is that by following our programs, you can talk to the trainer who wrote it. Either in a thread/post or just PM them. They'll be happy to answer any questions (though liam is on the other side of the pond, it may take a bit for him to catch up with you)


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The programmes are very similar in structure. The original C25K was written around 10 years ago, and the new plan has been a redesign really, taking account of comments made by many of the thousands that have completed the C25K over the years.

As they are both generic programmes, they can easily be interchanged, but for best results I would start the KickRunners Plan at the stage that you feel you are most comfortable with, and proceed from there.

Feel free to PM me with any individual questions - Liam3494

I have just realised that I am writing this on my partners PC under her id, so apologies for the confusion, but this is Liam
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I never ran a half marathon and always wanted to. Twice I had to stop a few weeks before the race because of a knee of back of whatever. So I still want to and last week a friend of my husband suggested I join his group and aim for a half next spring.

I am thrilled to find your 5k programme Liam. Clearly things have been going on in the 10 years or so since I stopped checking in. When I casually looked up my old friend couch to 5k I was really sad to see it is no longer available for free. So I will start with yours on Monday. Right, now it's actually written down I have no choice right?!

Anyway, thank you for making this available. I haven't looked at it yet but will be interested to see the differences. Whether or not I'll make the half marathon I don't know but I hope to be running a very gentle 5k by the summer and hopefully I'll have lost a few kilos too.
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