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Good morning and Happy Friday!

Just doing my usual Friday workout. I'm off tomorrow so I'm looking forward to a break.

Nicole, sounded like that was a pretty exciting race! Must have been a blast to watch!

Batmomm, hope you got that workout in. I hate going to meetings. I have one every Monday morning and Friday afternoon. Sounds like Michael is in for an adventure. I would love to do that one some day. I wouldn't mind the run up, it's the run back down that would trash me.

SB, sounds like you had a busy day yesterday, I hope you got your run in!

LB, nice job on getting back on track! Hope Elise had a good first day!

Fer, nice job getting that run done. It may have sucked but you got it done.

Sisu, hope you were able to get that run in. And yes, I'm ready for the girls to go back to school too.

Ron, hope you had a good workout.

No plans for me this weekend, just meeting a few old friends for some drinks on Saturday.

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Good morning,


Hey suds, Happy Friday!


I have a long weekend so I'm very happy about that. I need to take a rest day today I'm wiped

worked out mon-thrus w/ a combo running/ bike riding/ weights/ etc..... my legs are trashed.


Hope you all have a good weekened.

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Hey Sudsy and Leembo!

Glad that you have tomorrow off, Suds.  Do your girls go back to school soon?  How is Tank?  Is he still cute? :)

Leembo - enjoy your rest day today.  You really worked hard this week! (as usual!)


I'm happy to say that i got out around 6:15 last night and did the run I missed in the morning.  It was a tough one because it was pretty warm and humid still but I did it.  2 x 18min at threshold pace.  My goal pace was between 7:35 and 7:40mm and the crazy part is that I hit both repeats exactly the same - 2.38mi at 7:34mm pace.  I can't believe I hit it exactly the same pace and distance in 18 min considering I was just running on the sidewalk.  I thought I'd be much slower on the second part because I was tired.  (It boggles my mind to think that one of my local mom friends (who is 40) runs a 5k in 18min!!  crazy.)  I'm supposed to run for 60min today and then tomorrow is my long run.  Hopefully it will go better than last week!


Have a good Friday everyone!

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wow speedy Susan!  awesome run!


how's school going Leembo?


Paul, nice job today.  Enjoy tomorrow off


got the upper body and 5 hot, sweaty miles in.  Went really slow and it was nice ot recover from everything.  I've cut back on some of my mileage b/c I've been hitting the weights so hard and really don't have time for it all.  Tomorrow is 15 which should seem nice and short compared to the recent 20's.

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Afternoon my running friends.  This weekend will be full of cheerleading and baseball for both boys.  It should be a lot of fun.  The young boy is playing with boys 1 to 2 years older so we are just trying out to see if he fits in.  He really wants to play though.  He is small but is strong for his size.  Can many 7 year olds do a pull up with out practice?


Paul hope you have a relaxing weekend.


LEE busy weekends are still better then work.


Susan you are that fast girl you are talking about.


Gaela have fun with that 15.


I think I am going to run one slow mile tomorrow just for fun.

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Gaela - nice to hear that you took it a little easier today!  You are amazing and I can't wait until you run your fall marathon(s)!!  Enjoy your 15 tomorrow - I think I'll be running about the same.  

Ron - I am not that fast girl!  I wish I was but I can't run a 5k in 18 min!  enjoy your one slow mile tomorrow!  How is your leg doing?  Enjoy the weekend of baseball and cheerleading.

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