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Good morning!

The usual run and workout for me this morning.

DB, hope you enjoyed the swim and run yesterday.

Batmomm, hope the legs felt good for your run. You need to get them ready for Boston next year.

Nicole, hope you got caught up with the paper work. Make sure Kenobi and Tahiri don't get a hold of it!

Sisu, nice job getting 3rd in your category! I'm sure your worst 10k would kill anything I could muster right now. Enjoy your vacation!

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awesome job Susan! Sounds like a fun vacation.


good morning Mr Consistency! 


Today I'm supposed to do my upper body and run 6 but so far I did a workout called Pain Storm inadvertently .  Let's see what I can still muster.

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Well, yesterday's run/swim turned into a rest day because my knees ached and I was tired and being a wimp.


Then today's run/bike/swim (that was originally just bike) turned into a run/bike because of thunder.  So now tomorrow's run/swim might have to turn into a run/swim/swim.  Then again, I might just drop the extra swim and leave it alone, or tack the extra swim onto Thursday's bike.  Decisions decisions.....



Suds - Hope the day is going well. 


Batmomm - "Pain Storm" doesn't sound like the kind of thing you just stumble into, well except that one time I stumbled into a hornet nest.  That was a pain storm, but I have a feeling that's not what you meant.

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Well it looks like I am in the shoe (although slightly modified) for another 2 weeks, possibly a month and have to take a nerve blocker.  Definatively confirmed bone, nerve and ligament damage.  He said now that the fluid build up is down, he could see the fracture better and it looks like I have had a "plasticized" fracture that will start to heal, then refracture - an ugly circle of life - for quite a while.  Add ligaments that have been stretched from years of swimming.  Stubbing my toe was the straw that broke the camels back and it more or less blew up.  I have been cleared to do the stationary bike and upper body/core stuff as long as I don't bear too much weight on it.  The guy who owns our local running store has offered to loan me his spare trainer (he is a major triathlete) so I can pick it up tomorrow or Thursday.  Doc agreed that I am probably a little to accident prone/Polish to be riding a bike that actually moves.  LOL!!  He does NOT think my running carear is over at this point.  Just on hold for a while.  :(


Was chatting w/ Galea while I was waiting for my prescription and who walks up but the jailbird Charlie Engle!!  So I made him say hello to Gaela - figured mortifying embarressment would help him turn his life around.  LOL! 


Sudsy - OMG you made me CRINGE w/ fear at the thought of the puppies getting my papers!!  I can only IMAGINE what the room would look like!  The cats are bad enough! 

Galea - where are the rodent pictures?  :)  Thanks again for listening and the pep talk!!  My mood always elevates when I am around you.  Seriously!  I could be quite the athlete if I lived in Richmond (or quite the hermit in an effort to avoid you! LOL)

DB - try a "swim/run/swim", seriously!  Just change out of your swim trunks to avoid chafing.  I'm w/ you on my image of "pain storm" being a hornets nest!  Have fun tomorrow!! 

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