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Talking Labour Day Weekend

Hi guys!

Second 20 miler is done..... mostly solo as the rest bailed at only 3 miles in. Glad I headed out early and dropped a part-frozen 4 lite jug of water in the weeds at the trailhead 2/3 out to the turn around, as it was a hot one. Went thru more than 3L for the duration.

Glad to have gotten it in, since my throat was scratchy the night before and now i have a full-blown cold. Just simply f-in lovely for a long weekend!
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Nice 20 miler Heme! (and happy birthday today also if I'm not mistaken!)

today was the first time I've run since 8/22. just busy mostly, but for awhile there it was also terribly hot and smokey. I know some runners will run right through those conditions, but i'm not currently training for anything, so didn't see the point in it, so I just took some time off.

I had this past week off work and we got in our last longer camping trip (4 days at the coast), and went up to Corvallis (3hrs north) for the OSUBeavers home opener football game.
also had school shopping to get done and David finally took his permit test and passed that. so today he drove me home from the grocery store. he did pretty good for first time on the roadways versus just our neighborhood roads.

My run this morning was just 1.5 miles. yes, it's baby steps starting over. But I think tomorrow I'll double that and go the whole 3 miles! lol



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Congrats on the 20 miler Heme.

Friday - 15 min. warmup, 22 minutes tempo, 7 min jog, 2 times 52 seconds hard with 2:30 recovery, 20 min. warmdown

Saturday - 60 minutes easy

Sunday - 10 minute warmup, 34 minutes tempo, 1 times 75 seconds hard

Monday - 20 minute warmup, 10 minute tempo, 8 minute jog, 6 times 1 minute hard/1 minute easy, 77F and 78% humidity

I'm not back yet, but things are improving.
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Nice job Heme.
Wow! David is driving. Cool
Always enjoy seeing Fred's workouts. They are unique for sure.

9.6 sloggy but good miles this morning.
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Thanks, Tammy! Nothing like a summer cold to take the fun out of a birthday. Thankfully DH took me out to dinner before it hit full force.

Fred... nice work in this heat.

Good going, KS. You'll be ready for Mt. Desert for sure.

Was supposed to do a tempo run today, but the day was one of the hottest of the season and that cold has hit my chest big time. Will give this another day or so and see if I can shake it off.
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Nice running everybody. Hi Tamster
Get over your cold quickly Heme.
Looks like you're getting there quickly Fred.

I started the week off with a race on Saturday. I've run it before but this year they moved from May to September and did a completely different course. My plan was to start conservative and pick up the pace as I went. As soon as we started, I felt like I was breathing too hard for the pace I was running. I finally settled in a half mile in and got to the mile in the exact 6:05 I wanted. I picked up the effort to try and catch a couple runners ahead of me. By the time I got to 1.5 miles, I had actually slowed down even though I was running much harder. I did catch the two runners ahead of me by 2 miles where I went through in 12:16. Once we made a turn, we went uphill for a quarter mile. With the humidity really high, I was really getting tired. Once I got to the 2.5 mile mark, I knew I wasn't going to catch any more runners so I started looking back to see if anybody was close behind. I did this at every turn until the finish so I could run as easily as possible. I finished in 19:09 about 30 seconds slower than my goal. I did end up 4th overall though another guy my age beat me by almost a minute. It just wasn't my day. The race was a couple hours away and by the time I got home, I was thinking about doing another race on Monday. My legs felt pretty good so I just did a slow 1.5 mile jog Sunday.

This morning I went to Milan, Ohio the birthplace of Thomas Edison to run the Melon festival 5k. I ran this race last year in 19:57 and was hoping to run a minute faster. I wasn't going to go out easy again so right from the start I pushed the pace. I went through the half mile in 2:50 as we turned onto a country road. We then went down a big hill and immediately back up after we crossed a bridge. Once up the steep part, the hill leveled off some as we got to the mile. My time was 5:55. The rest of the race was pretty flat and there were three runners ahead of me that I wanted to catch. As I was getting closer another runner passed me and caught up to those runners. Another runner soon fell behind which left 4 of us running together. I had gps'ed the course earlier so I wanted to get to a turn at 1.53 miles in 9:11. I was one second faster. Our group of 4 stayed together through the 2nd mile in 12:05. Right before 2.5 miles, one of the younger kids in our group and I pulled ahead of the other two. As soon as we made the last turn with about a third mile to go, the younger kid sped up and I couldn't stay with him. He beat me by 7 seconds. One of the other guys in the group must have closed pretty hard as he almost caught me but I was able to hold him off by a couple seconds. I finished 6th overall in 18:41 so I was much happier with this race.
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