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Tuesday 7-28

I decided to test my heat acclimation by running in the middle of the afternoon. The temp at the bank said 95° but probably closer to 90 and not really humid. Started off in town and then ran to the state park. Ran a couple miles on the trails before heading back into town. 61:50 total time so I'll call it 8 miles.
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Good heat work, Rip. I guess all that outdoor work probably contributes.

Tamster, that was indeed surprising news from David. He's a talented runner, but I guess if he doesn't have the drive to continue for now, it's best he set it aside for the time being. Looking back from our perspective, I think very few of us ran consistently from our teens until now. He shouldn't be beating himself up for feeling that way... it happens to everyone.
Is he planning on staying active in another sport?

The heat is taking a lot out of me these days. We have no AC at home and I found plenty of excuses not to go out for a run on Monday on my day off. Will stay in on the TM today and tomorrow, then do my LR early on Saturday to avoid the worst of it. I also think either my iron is low or my thyroid hormones are off as my motivation seems to be sapped.
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yes, surprising news. and he told us yesterday that he has made up his mind and is not going to go out for XC this fall, nor continue with summer training. he'll go on Wednesday of next week and run with the group and then tell his coach afterwards that he's done. He said he just doesn't have the drive to improve any more like he used to. I asked if he still wants to run some of our club races "just for fun" and he's not even sure about that right now. So, i'm sort of bummed about that but he also may decide after taking some time off that he misses it and want to at least run for fitness, even if not competitively on the school team. who knows.

He's not sure if he'll do another sport or not. He wants to be very involved in FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) and run for a state office. He is also going to be Treasurer of a local nonprofit that is an arm of the HS FBLA program, called Josephine County Foundation. He's never NOT been in a school sport before, so it'll be a different school year, not traveling for meets, etc.

today we start our long stretch of 100's . . .ughhhh.



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