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Happy 4th of July

A few months ago I saw the front page of the newspaper in the next town over had an article saying they were bringing back the Pickle Run festival and having a 5k. I ran this race in 1984 when it was held over Labor Day and had a picture from the start of the race. I got 2nd in that race running 16:22. I wouldn't be running that fast today.

I was a little concerned after spending 10.5 hours yesterday roofing and not getting my easy 2.2 miles in until 7 pm. I felt pretty rested and okay doing my warmup so I was ready to go. I was treating the race as a tempo but wanted to keep open the possibility of a high place. There was another race in this town a couple weeks ago that had been heavily advertised and the winning time was in the low 19s.

The race started and I stayed right behind a pack of high school kids in 5th place. The pace was around 6 minutes for the first half mile. The second half mile included a couple hills before the mile that we went through in 6:05. After another half mile the pack was down to 3 and I found myself leading with the other two runners drafting off of me. One was a 15 year old who was right on my shoulder and the other was in his 20s but back a couple steps. The 15 year old was breathing pretty hard as I kept a steady but not hard effort. My plan was to take off at two miles and see what would happen. We went through 2 miles in 12:25 but that may have been a few seconds short. I took off and soon couldn't hear the runners behind me putting in a half mile surge at 5:50 pace. I kept the effort steady and had a good lead when we got to the track running the third mile in 5:57. I won the race in just a shade over 19 minutes. My next race is a 5 mile where I hope to finish within 6 minutes of the winner.
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Nice one, Rip!

Thanks for all the thoughts about my friend. The service was packed and was a nice tribute. Will need to keep close contact with her husband.... he's been a buddy of ours for going on 40 years and we know he's never done well alone.

How's David doing after that trip, Tammy? Chomping at the bit to do even better next year?

Temps were perfect this morning for a leisurely 16 mile long run this morning. Bumped into a friend who ran Western States last weekend, walking the trail to shake out the legs. He's not too beaten up and eager to do the Vermont 100 in 2 week, the second leg of the ultra grand slam.

Happy 4th, everyone!
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Nice race Rip. Took one for us old guys.

Nice long run Heme.

Decided not to run the 10 miles to Julie's race. Ran 2 mile warm up and the 4 mike race w her. She won 3rd in age at 36:29. Windy going out and very humid coming back. Her age group winner and 2nd place were in the 34's.

Finished MIL lawn after our group breakfast.

Oh and a friends son was at a car wash at 5 am this morning. He works night shift. Car wash was not in best part of city. Someone attempted to rob him. He refused to give up the goods and the robber shot at him and hit him in the elbow area. Hit an artery and he had to have surgery to repair it.
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Nice racing rip.

Your friends kid is VERY lucky Ks........and someone has to say it....pretty stupid as well. You can always get new stuff. You only get one life. You ALWAYS give 'em what they demand.

5.5 miles up and over Merlin Hill. Left at 9:30 AM, pretty warm, finished at 10:30 AM......damned hot.

the difference between veteran runners and other folks is Discipline in ReHab-tomwhite
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wow, glad that shooting wasn't worse!

nice racing Rip! and great long run for you heme.

yes, john, it's awfully warm by mid morning around here! I only did a couple miles on the trails this morning at 7:00. then we went on the Hellgate Jet boat excursion for the brunch cruise.

just working a couple days this week, then taking the rest of the week off for some camping.

Heme, yes, David is already talking about next year. he can't compete in the same category two years in a row, so won't be doing public speaking. he's considering American Enterprise category. Don't know exactly what that is, but it's a group presentation of some sort.

I should get in some better quality running this week at the coast. it's just been so hot here and all I've done is about four runs of only 2 to 2.5 miles each. I need to get in a few good solid hour or so of running.



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