Friday - almost rained -
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Drove downtown to run 6 ez this morning. Misted and saw where it had rained. But no rain on the run. Massage this afternoon and xc race tonight. biggrin.gif
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..yeah, OUR rain decided to go north to Kentucky.



ThePool is closed today for maintnance.......grrrr




........ok, first PT session next  Tuesday at 8-AM


plan to poolrun first

and head over afterwards,,,,,,,,,,is this a good idea??


receptionist at PT couldn't tell me


she just said ''do what you normally do''



this is what I normally do.

.....nothing takes the place of persistence.....
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Anxious to hear how the XC meet goes - that pre-race massage should surely give you an advantage!


I hope the PT helps Tom. I know you've tried just about everything else on your own.  Know of any good witch doctors? you probably haven't tried that. Capt.Jack probably knows of a good one.


David's meet went REAL well. New PR in the 3K of 11:23. Still trailed his nemesis but he's closing the gap. 3/60 OA, 2nd place for 7th graders, and 1st finisher for his school. Boys team took 3rd place (missed 2nd place by only 2 point!) and girls team took 1st (like they've done in every meet this year!). 


will walk tonight with the dogs. Trail HM tomorrow (noon start!). Will be a very fun one! Enchanted Forest Wine Run, which pretty much suits the theme - takes place at a winery, finishers get custom wine glass(w/wine), hidden forest treasures throughout the course, costume contest for best gnomes and forest fairies (which would have been perfect for mariposai!). I won't be costuming up - maybe if I were running the 5K, but I didn't want to wear a costume for a HM. Based on course description, terrain, elevation profile . .  I'm thinking this will be about a 3 hr HM for me! They'll have live music and a top-notch catering company there afterwards for meals.  Wish I had internet at home so I could let you all know about the race before monday! Although I'm getting there - I actually have an appt for wireless to be installed next week sometime.


have a great wknd everyone!



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Wow, David's doing really, really well, Tamster!  hello2.gif

Enchanted Forest sounds like a blast!  Have fun!


Enjoy the race, KS!


TW, I thought you were using the sarcasm font yesterday.  Don't let the term physical terrorist scare you one bit..........


Go get, em Rip!


I got in early to work, and went out for a 5-6 mile run in the cool (8°C).  Remembered at about 2 miles in that I had a telecon at 8, then another right after at 9.  No time when I got back to stretch, shower and do the makeup thing, so hit my desk still in the running clothes.  Sniff, sniff...... OK, I'm not usually this nasty after a run..... checked the bottom of my shoes....... tongue6.gif ...... you guessed it!  Two hours of stink, then had to go back out to scrape off the dog poop before finally hitting the shower.  Not a great start to the morning.


Am leaving for Cape Cod  tomorrow morning, and won't have regular internet access.

Be good, eh?

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..naw, no sarcasm heme//.......just don't know squat about Hospital PT........have a Fun Trip


thanks tammy//.........I'll hold Capt.Jack as Plan B

.....nothing takes the place of persistence.....
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