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Yeah!!!!!!!! I'm very happy for you and your growing family Missy!
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Congrats Missy and family! So happy for you!

I ran my half marathon this morning. It was 32F and foggy at the start, quite a bit colder than my training so I wasn't sure what to wear. Ended up with shorts, calf compression sleeves, two shirts, thin gloves, light windbreaker, and knit cap over baseball hat. After 7 miles I was a bit overdressed. As I was putting my gloves in my upper arm pocket I got kind of twisted as I ran and tweaked my left hammy a little bit. Not too bad, just annoying. Saw lots of folks I know out running today, ran with a few along the way, and since I was tech free I had no idea about my splits.

Around halfway I asked someone and they said 7:33 pace. I was happy wth that. In the second half I was getting passed every half mile or so and not passing anyone, so I assumed I was slowing and laboring a bit. In mile 11 a young female co-worker (tiny, maybe 95 lbs) passed me on her way to a huge PR. I tried to stay in sight of her as she battled another female around her age and it was dramatic to watch.

I was unable to put the hammer down for the last mile because of the hammy and some slightly twitch calves, so I just did my best and finished with nobody around me to race in. 1:36:49 for 7:23 per mile. 7th in my new age group and possibly a decent negative split. I would have had to be around 1:30 for AG top 3. So, I'm very happy with the time, and a bit disappointed at my ability to keep my weight down. I think 10 lbs would have made a HUGE difference for me today, and I'm definitely motivated to fix that. Time to snuggle up and rest!
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Nice work Duck! I'd probably pee myself (with happiness) if I ever ran a 1:36 half.

Yoga yesterday and today. And playing w the pups, who are hilarious playing cause of that whole size difference thing. HA.

Is it just me or are there a bunch of people in the 30s fb thread that I have no idea who they are? Do I just not know their real names? Or are they not 30s?
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Yay Missy!!!

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