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Yer a beast Theia

I was going to get up and walk O a few miles this morning but was sleeping so hard and I could swear I heard thunder storms pass through, so I set the alarm back an hour. WHOOOOWEEEEE!!! Forgot what 7 hours of actual restful sleep was like. Delicious.

I got to tell one of my ….difficult... clients 'no' today. Completely made my day.
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OMG, theia! thats freaking insane!!! i love it! i need more hill work, too.

i had planned on getting out early this morning for 8 miles but i think the lack of sleep caught up with me. it'll have to happen this weekend!

have fun at the game, ron.

yay for sleep and decreased pain, katho!

happy early birthday, saucon. i can't believe you're "little" girl is 12!!! i still remember meeting her at philly '09 and she was TINY!

hope work isn't toooooo cray, duck. do you guys miss mila already?

goon!!! please do come back and say hi. yup.
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It's kind of like Modern Family. You see Cam and Mitch's daughter and think "How long has this show been on????"

We miss Mila for sure, but she's been feeding us updates.

Got out for 7ish miles today. I'm kind of working on my hip tilt after noticing in some pictures that I seem to have anterior pelvic tilt going on. Today during the first mile I was running with my hips as square as I could, but I noticed my right achilles started hurting! I relaxed and it went away. Guess I better proceed cautiously.
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Thanks Theia! I am spending my weekend camping down at the shore for my birthday. Might get a run in if all works out as planned.

I'll share some camping picks when I am back on my laptop.
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Hi, Saucon! Nice to see you around!

Okay... ouch. The good news is that I completed the 16 miles that I attempted today. The bad news is that I had an ever slower pace than last week's 14 miles. And the worst news is that I ended up quite dehydrated afterwards. I always weigh myself after my runs, and I was 5 pounds less after this run than I was after 4 miles last night. I came home and absolutely crashed. I slept for about an hour, then woke up basically unable to move because I was still so exhausted. So I went back to sleep for another hour or so. After I finally got up, I met DW and DD and some friends at the town pool. I went in the pool just to float around a bit, and ended up getting two charley horses a few minutes apart. (The first one was far more painful than the second one, but still...) So I guess I was STILL dehydrated a few hours after the run ended. That wasn't fun.

Anyway, this long-distance running thing seems to be getting harder and harder. I'm getting less and less confident that I'm gonna be able finish 19 more states. Well, for now, I'm just focused on Nebraska six weeks from today...
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Bob - you might look in to skratch http://www.skratchlabs.com. The triathlon team coaches prefer it for most of us over Gatorade, etc. I use the exercise hydration mix, and they have a rescue hydration mix as well. I have a single serve of that I carry with workout gear, just in case. I haven't needed it yet, but some of my team mates recommend it.

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Happy to see some long lost friends stop by

I apparently have bad allergies now. I'm on a couple of meds and have to go back for a follow up in 3 weeks to see if I need to adjust. I don't like the meds, but if they work, I'll play along!
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