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OMG where has the summer gone????  Approaching August already? 


Caught up a bit on the threads.  


(((KJ))) so sorry to hear about Aspen.


2oh! Good to see you in here!  And I agree with duck and am wishing you some peace and quiet in your life.  Hope the R n R is just what you need. 


My marathon training has been The Suck.  I didn't run any at all over the weekend because we were at a Softball Nationals tournament.  I brought my running duds but between the games, the super crap weather and the just being on the go, it didn't happen. All the games were really close and just emotionally draining, and we were so cold, wearing layers and huddled under blankets all weekend - IN JULY <snarl> so by the time I got home on Sunday I was exhausted and took a THREE HOUR nap.  I was sure my sleep cycle would be screwed after that but I was asleep by 10 p.m.  oy


So today, a restart.  And I got new kicks! It's so nice I really really hate to run inside, but if I want to test out the new shoes I should really run on the mill.  :P had a sale and didn't have the Brooks I've been wearing in my size.  I didn't venture too far - I got Brooks Ghosts and I've been wearing Brooks Defyance. So they SHOULD be okay.  Ghosts are just a little more flexible than the Defyance, as I understand it, otherwise they're very similar. 


Happy Trails to you all!  

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Happy Monday all. 20 min swim for me this morning. And that's all I'm scheduled to do. Feels weird!

Don't believe everything you think
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Yay for new shoes, Goon. Good luck with your training!


Every lap counts, Amichel!


I had another big mountain bike ride yesterday.  We were having a fantastic ride and on our way down via a new route when we got to a surprising dead end.  Turned out we missed a turn just a little ways back, but when we got back to the turning point there was only a hint of the road listed on the map.  Blackberries vines, scotch broom and poison oak had reclaimed this old "road" (I suspect it might have been just a horse trail at one point).  We really couldn't turn around at that point without adding over 10 miles of hills to our ride, so we bushwhacked through it for about a mile.  Nasty, nasty, thorny stuff.  We were all scratched up when we finally popped out the other side.   I scrubbed like heck with Tecnu afterwards, hopefully I won't get any poison oaks out the deal and have to get on prednisone.


Taper time, otherwise.

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~~~~~~~~no poison oak vibes~~~~~~~~~ for duck.
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Smallish thread today...ahh, well.

Had a jam-packed weekend - Bard and I went up to Canton on Saturday to see the Pro Football Hall of Fame; they had the tents up for next week's induction ceremonies so we had to be shuttled onto the property. All told, not too bad in the sports museum dept. Later we hit up a meadery and then caught dinner and a ball game with Roots and SGH. Had a beer in Voo's name at the game

Sunday we did some waterfalls around Northern Ohio plus an art fair in Akron proper.

Found out some good news today - got offered the promotion at work. If nothing else, it will be a nice bump in pay

Dan! So good to see you bud. Congrats on the new job, and hope you heal up well from the accident

BigG - hurrah for new kicks!

Happy birthday wishes to you Mindi!

Anyway, here's hoping for a good Tuesday for everyone

How to run a marathon: Step 1: You start running. There is no Step 2
- Joe
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