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Figured since I'm technically on top (forget those stupid pre-season polls) and y'all are mucking up my NOLA thread with football talk I'd start a football countdown/thread for us to talk some smack in. And we can invite those other conferences too, even though we all know SEC is the best!!!

Let the games begin!!

Geaux Tigers!!
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College: Ole Miss: I am looking more forward to this season than any in several years- well since Eli. For those who didn't know we had a coach for the last 4 years who was a complete embarrassment on and off the field. Now we have a proven, successful coach (Houston Nutt formerly of Arkansas) who is simply a very good coach and a good guy. We finally have someone we are proud to call our own.

Now then as far as this year we are hoping to make it back to a bowl game. We have won no more than 4 games a year the last 4 years which sucked and is not something we are used to around here. Although it's a rebuilding year we are hoping for something around 6-6. Best case scenario would be 7-5. Although 5-7 could happen as well. We have some SEC games at home we must and can win: Vandy, South Carolina and Ms. State. All winable but we lost two of those on the road last year in close games. That is 3 possible wins and throw in our other 3 home games and there COULD BE 6 wins. Now that is assuming we don't win any on the road. So if we can upset one team on the road we could get that 7th win. But that's best case scenario. We just want to improve and feel confident we will be a much better team this year reguardless of the record.

Seahawks. It's the coach's last season. We have problems at receiver again and we are trying to get a running back to step forward replace Shaun Alexander. Also our offensive line is banged up somewhat. Big question marks on offense. The good thing is we have a pro bowl QB which is extremely important. You can have great running backs and receivers but suck at QB and you won't win a ton of games. The good news is we have one of the best defenses in the NFL. And we also play in a sucky division with the 49ers, cards and the rams.

Forecast is 10-6 and another divisional title.

sorry not a lot of smack talking but I don't really like it or participate in it. Now I don't mind talking about teams I hate but as far as talking smack I normally don't
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Can't say I'm a huge college football fan.

My graduate school (University of Alaska - Fairbanks) doesn't have a football team, so I'll have to wait until Division I hockey gets under way in October.

My undergraduate school (Merrimack College) plays Division II in football. Last I knew though, they weren't very good. They have a Division I hockey program too. That I KNOW isn't very good.

So, go Merrimack Warrior football!
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As you can probably tell from my name, I'm a Gator fan.

Actually, I went to UF for grad school. My undergraduate work was done at Tufts Univ, just outside of Boston. They're Div 3 in everything, and not exactly a sports powerhouse. But once I got to Florida, I really fell in love with college football.

As for the NFL, I grew up in New Haven CT, basically at the border that separates New York fans from Boston fans. I fell on the Boston side in just about everything, except football. And that's because when I was a little kid, the NY Giants played in Yale Bowl in New Haven for two seasons before the Meadowlands were built. And of course the Patriots were irrelevant at that time, so I became a Giants fan.

Then once I went up to Boston for college, I started rooting for the Pats also. They were the local team, and they stunk, so they had a bit of the lovable loser thing going on. Plus, the Giants and Pats were in different conferences, so I figured there was no harm in rooting for both teams. Little did I know, 15 years later they'd meet in the Super Bowl. Suffice it to say I was a little conflicted this past year...

I've been very lucky lately, since all the teams I root for have won championships recently: Gator football, Gator basketball, the Giants, the Pats, and the Red Sox. I certainly can't complain about it...
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Boiler Up!

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I just wish for a decent QB. I suspect we're gonna end up with a freshman, non-red shirted in Jefferson leading the way. That's gonna be...interesting. Hatch has the nod I'm sure but he's got injury possibility issues so we may be screwed there. Jefferson has potential but no experience in college play. Look for him to be put in early, very possibly the first game.

Went to Tiger Tailgating tonight and had a blast, ate tons of good food, and secured some cool LSU prizes.

Saw a guy wearing a Gator hater shirt and thought of boB!

Pro: This is the Saints year! Yes, I said that, I mean I think I said that, I mean, this is the Saints year! Yeah.

I still have not committed to a pro team. Saints are a default but I'm not into that fold yet. Funny, a long time ago, years and years my friend told me I should be a Vikings fan because I already wear the colors. We shall see.

In other SEC news I bought a hat today. I look great in it because it's red. Yes, sports fans, there was an Ole Miss hat in the Nike store in Louisiana. I figured I'd be supportive of Maples when we run the HM in Nov. Ole Miss hat... the rest of me LSU. Boy will that confuse the Bama peeps!
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