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Running Log question: Ok - I downloaded my CR running log to computer. What other site is it easy to upload it to? Ideas?

GatorBob - glad the TM run went well! That's a long time on the TM!
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It's weird what remains. I don't have any congestion or cough or fever but I do have a sore spot on my right lung/mid-chest. It still hurts a bit to breathe deeply and causes my HR to hang a little higher than I'd like, while running.
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Just came back from 4.28 sleazy miles on the TM. I'm ready to go back home frankly, but 2 1/2 days of work training plus the flight back remain, so just gotta' deal.

I'm a pooped puppy - g'nite everyone!

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- Joe
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RFTL, I changed to runningahead.com a few months ago, and they uploaded my CR log very promptly upon request. I like the site, I just don't remember to update it immediately.

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Some people have uploaded them to RunningAhead.
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my post from 3 hours ago is gone....wth?

"And all our fears were in vain, a dream, just like the Lord said."
- Jack Kerouac, Desolation Angels

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Maria, I think it's time you had a doctor check you out. I'm worrying about you.
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