Limits are definitely not my friends.....or, are they? -
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I've spent the last week trying to get healthy from whatever upper respiratory gunk was hanging out in my lungs.


I ran a 5kPR AMA on Tuesday, and likely paid the price for the rest of the week.

I managed to swim both Monday and Wednesday, and had a dental procedure on Friday that included sedation.

Sedation, BTW, is pretty cool.  And, apparently, I'm pretty odd while coming out of it....but that's a different post.


Meanwhile, as of Wednesday morning, Rabbit "grounded" me from running, and limited me to ez spinning on the bike while SHE ran, and swimming only if feeling "ok."


I now am the not so proud owner of a peak flow meter, and I get to see hard numbers 3 times per day about what my lung function is.


I felt better on Saturday.

Nope, "still grounded" on Sunday.


I was "heartily sick and tired" of not running on Sunday night.


So, here it is, 5:45 am, I'm waiting for Rabbit to get here, and we're going for a test run.


All through this "run with a training partner" endeavor, the one deal has been that with her background, she gets to be the final say as to whether I'm crossing the line between stubborn and stupid.  We were very close to that line on Tuesday.


And yet, as sick as I am of it,

as annoying as it is, and worrisome on one level of losing fitness in my mind...

I know that limits are necessary.

and right.

and needed.


BUT, they are NOT my friends. 

Make sense?


The problem with the limits this time is that I didn't feel all that bad,

not pukey

not feverish

not headachy

just..... not fully functioning in the lungs.

So, I was aware of the limits.


When I had the flu, and the doc said, "no exercise or work for a week," it was no big deal.  Because I was soooooooooo sick all I wanted to do was sleep. 


Will missing one week's worth of runs ruin my training?


not really.

Especially when I consider that out of the last 7 days, I managed exercise on 5 of them.  Only the last 3 were truly "do nothing" days. 

I should get back the run rhythm and mojo pretty quick, right?


Because I've worked hard to get where I am.

I don't want to take it for granted,

I want to keep it.

I'm afraid that if I don't keep at will go away ...........................


climbing that hill again,

not something I'm interested in doing.

Ferries are for wimps!!
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