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Well.....just crap!


It's been forever since I've stopped in.


Work has been crazy...

I had to unleash Mama Bear on behalf of my student...

LOTS of busyness....

3 projects to launch for this summer.

3 articles to outline for this summer.


All that to say.....


Today's run was blessedly short (by the clock) but at the same time.....




1 mile time trial for me today, then fun with balance w/ Rabbit, then fun w/ Lisa (gym trainer).


Rabbit was NOT feeling the love today.

Her gut was misbehaving, and yet.....the stubborn came out and she still managed to pull her mile pretty well.  I think that if she'd felt better, it would have been even faster, but she ended up finishing at least 200 yds in front of me, maybe more.


My goal was "faster than 9:30".

I have done a 9:30 before, and it felt FAST...super fast, in fact.

I know that lately I've been getting quicker, but I'm still scared of it.  It's like flirting with the high dive in a way.  It just stares at you, mocking you to go....even though you've contemplated going.....you don't want to...but you do.  Because you know that when you do, you'll feel great.  But still....it's scary.


So, off we set.

She pulls away from me about 200 yds into it and I just let her go because I'm trying to remember NOT to slow down on the back turn of the track.  We've noticed that on the back corner...I fade a bit, then pick back up.  So, my other goale was "stay strong around the back."


Let's say.....

I am a happy person right now. 


8:45!  Never in my entire life (not even as a kid, I don't think) have I run a mile that fast. 


The last lap was well into the hurt well......breathing HARD and whistling on the inhale and exhale.

Strangely enough, I didn't get pukey, but I was mightly glad when Brenda Garmin beeped at me to stop.



I guess I have to put out more on the roads, huh?




that's the scary part.


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