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My knees sound like velcro (especially when doing lunges or squats)....and my running rabbit starts to turn red and laugh so hard I think she's gonna fall over when she hears it.


My latest build cycle went really well.  I was pretty beat up at the end, and rather looking forward to the cut-back week, but all in all, I was putting out some nice times.  I was definitely feeling stronger and faster than this time in the season in the past. 


Then, Rabbit decides that "...[I] should play intramural soccer."  Um, yeah.................right!




Here's the thing.  My face has a magnet permanently installed in it that attracts balls.  Footballs, soccer balls, basket balls...it doesn't matter.  My face attracts them, I get hit, then I bleed.  I've never been all that successful at sports using balls...except raquet ball, but even that was the cause of my first ever black eye.  So, being "game" and not wanting the "youngin' " to think I am a total wuss, I agree that she can teach me to play soccer.  I do insist, however, that I'm really not the "playing soccer" sort.  Still, it would be fun to at least be able to kick a ball around without looking like a dufus.


Yup...you can guess what happened, I looked like a dufus.  At least we were relatively alone in a big field without an audience.


As a result, however, I managed to tweak my knee.  You know when you're doing something and all of a sudden your body goes, "STOP!!!  STOP right now!"  That's what it did.  But, my stubborn streak was still highly activated so I kept going.  And going.  And, woke up with a really unhappy knee/hammy combination.


Rabbit and I still ran, but neither one of us felt good the next morning.  We're starting to find that when we don't feel great, we manage to put some nice times down...and the comfort of having another person with you helps you get your feet on the pavement.  That afternoon I went for my normal lunch time swim and really suffered. 


I had nothing...absolutely nothing.  What's weird about that is that normally the pool jazzes me up.  I get a little "contact buzz" from the chlorine, I think.  This day...nope.  I had no pep, no push, no ability to push from the wall, no sprint, only one gear.....and a low one at that.  So, I sucked it up, and got out of the pool after only 1600 meters.  I was exhausted.  Tuesday was a scheduled day off, so I went back to work, plopped an ice pack on the back of my knee, and proceeded to decide to take Tuesday completely off.  I even cancelled my weight training in favor of sleeping. 


My velcro knees needed a day off.  I realized that it had been 19 days straight w/out a day off, and Rabbit suggested that a day off every once in awhile is a good thing.  But, I was feeling so good, that I couldn't see the forest for the trees.......or, the shoes for the velcro.  (*shrug*). 


I slept Monday night.

I slept Tuesday night.

I went back to the pool on Wednesday and could SWIM again!

Thursday morning, we hit the road to run, and knocked off some impressive mile splits.


I even admitted to Rabbit that she was right about the rest day.



Listen to the velcro.

And, sleep when you need to.



But, isn't it interesting that sometimes we all need someone ELSE to say, "enough already.  You're going to break.  Go to sleep.  Rest."  Even though we know better?

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Love reading about your training.  Velcro knees do sound, uh, not they way they should sound!

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