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Have you ever gotten to the point where you have NOTHING left?  That's where I was at the end of last week.  Physically.  Mentally.  Emotionally.  Spiritually.  There was nothing left.  Yah, I was still getting decent workouts in, but nothing felt good.  I was just going through the motions.


Friday afternoon, I went up to my room and closed the door.  I was exhausted.  I had a raging headache.  And a ringing in my ears that just wouldn't go away.  I was hoping a nap would help.  Now, my kids may do stupid things, but they know that when I go to my room and close the door, you had better have a VERY GOOD reason to disturb me.  Things like gushing blood or bones poking through the skin might qualify.  I was just thinking about getting up when there was a tentative knock at the door.  Son2 informed me that someone from the city was at the door.


It seems we have some code violations.  There is debris in the yard.  Yah, I meant to get that cleaned up.  And there's a hole.  Nine years ago, the boys dug a fox hole in the back yard.  All the neighborhood kids have played in it.  No, I never really liked it.  I figured eventually when we regraded the yard it would get filled in.  But, for now, the kids played there, it's surrounded by log re-enforcements, so what's the problem?


Obviously, the neighbor who has nothing better to do than stir up trouble has a problem with it.  I about wanted to cry.  Don't you understand I CAN'T DEAL WITH ANYTHING MORE RIGHT NOW!!!  So I had two choices.  I could "eliminate" the neighbor.  Or, I could go out and start dealing with said violations.


Son2, son3 and one of their friends came out to help.  Within a few minutes we had the debris cleaned up.  We grabbed shovels and started on the hole.  I was pissed.  So I shoveled.  And shoveled.  And shoveled some more.  Eventually, I could shovel no more.  I could barely lift the shovel.  


Saturday morning I was one hurtin' pup.  Eventually, I laced up the shoes.  I knew a run from home would never happen so I headed up to the metro park.  There's a .83mi loop I like to run.  Yah, a bit boring but it is mindless.  Sometimes I need mindless.  I was overdressed so on my second lap I tossed my long sleeve shirt.  I've done this a gazillion times before and never had a problem.  The run never felt good.  My legs were trashed.  And, as I finished my third lap, I discovered my shirt was gone.  No.  Really?!  At that point, I just quit.  There will be no spring half marathon.


Once back home, I changed into riding gear and headed out for a ride.  Yah, the legs were still trashed, but I can ride with trashed legs.  Riding solo, I headed out County Line Road.  I hammered out the frustration.  I was dreading the headwind inbound and chose the route along the river because it's more protected.  But, that route has... Freshwater Hill.  I hate that hill and really didn't want to face it on dead legs.  Perhaps it was the adrenaline--or even rage--but I powered up that sucker like never before.  That THAT stupid hill!  I finished the ride feeling energized.  42miles for the day.


There was still the hole to deal with.  Another half hour, and the sucker was filled.  Belatedly, I realized that I could have taken care of both problems at one time.  The hole was big enough for a body and needed filled in.  Now why didn't I think of that earlier?!


Son1 and I needed to get in another long ride on Sunday.  We had planned on riding after church.  However, the weather forecast changed those plans.  Calm winds early in the day, 20mph in the afternoon.  Uh... I don't think so!  We got up stupid early and headed out.  Son1 mapped out a good looking route.  I'm one for riding the same route every ride.  Son1 likes adventure.  He hasn't gotten us lost--yet--so we're going with adventure.  It was a decent little spin.  Not much wind early on.  Surprisingly, the expected headwind inbound wasn't that bad.  I made it home with just enough time to shower before heading to church for second service.  48miles for me.  Son1 continued on for a total of 70miles.


Monday morning dawned with that good hurt.  I hadn't planned on running.  But... it was 60* and rain.  In the afternoon, I dropped son1 off at class and headed to the downtown park.  A run in the rain was what I needed.  I was planning on 3-5 laps, which were a short mile. The first couple laps it was trying to rain.  At the start of the fourth lap, it started pouring.  I was starting to feel ALIVE again.  So I kept running.  I did cap it at six laps.  I didn't really care about pace.  With dead legs I was hoping for at least a 9:15pace.  But, even so, it didn't really matter.  I wasn't training.  I was running because I wanted to run.  And I ended up with 5.5mi @8:40.  Go figure!  But, most important, I felt alive again.  I really enjoyed that run.


Next up is TOSRV, 210miles in two days.  Now that I don't have to baby the legs tapering for a half marathon, I can go trash 'em on the bike.  I'm lovin' it!

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