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This comes from one of my all time favorite songs--  But, it certainly is my attitude.  I am NOT going to let an injury get me down.


Thursday was pretty much a pitty party as I came to terms with no running and a DNS at Athens and (most likely) Earth Day.  Luckily, I had bible study in the evening.  Although they aren't runners, they gave me much needed sympathy.  We have a bunch of runners in the church, so they understand how we get when we can't run.


Friday, it's a new day.  Fishbowl!  2500meters steady.  Once I got moving, my knee loosened up nicely.  


Saturday dawned with a beautiful sunny day.  My dryer was dead, so I hung a load of laundry out to dry first thing.  Before hanging out the second load I checked to see if the first stuff was dry yet.  No.  It was frozen solid.  Uh, yah, still below freezing.  It was dry and breezy, so I knew it would dry eventually.


By mid-afternoon I headed out for a spin.  Son1 was at a youth conference, so I headed out solo.  I opted for County Line Road, a route that son1 doesn't like.  My thought was head into the wind outbound, then enjoy a sweet tailwind inbound.  Mmm... maybe not such a good idea!  Of all our routes, this one is the one most out in the open.  About 10miles in I cut over to a more protected route.  It helped somewhat, but once I got to 15miles, I decided I had had enough and headed back.  So much for the planned 40miler.  I ended up with an even 30.  And I never really did get a good tailwind!


Sunday morning the alarm went off.  I dragged myself out of bed, quickly dressed and headed to the gym.  Once at the pool, I found everyone standing around looking at the water.  It was GROSS!  Cloudy, dirty, and all sorts of floaty stuff and sediment.  I am so not swimming in that!  All four of us left without swimming.


After church, I again headed out for a ride.  Son1 felt like he was coming down with the flu, and with the quarter starting on Monday, he didn't think it would be a good idea to go for a ride.  After Saturday's disasterous O&B ride, I opted for the Mill loop.  It's 17miles.  If I was dying, I could cut it to one, feeling good go for another.  The first 10miles sucked with a wicked head/cross wind.  It was slightly warmer, but still in the 30's with a brisk wind out of the north.  But, it was sunny and enjoyable.  I was in my aero bars quite a bit, trying to get used to them.  The final 4mi back to the van was a sweet tailwind, so I blew by, and started my second loop.  This time, I knew that only the first 10 would suck, then I'd get more of a tailwind.  The second loop was unremarkable.  I finished feeling so good that had I had enough time I could have done a third.  A skosh over 34miles for the day.  I had just enough time to shower before heading to church in the evening.  


Monday is normally a rest day, but since I missed Sunday's swim, I felt I needed to make that up.  I called the gym and they said the pool was open.  Turns out Saturday evening they cleaned the deck and must have just washed everything into the pool.  YUCK!!!  The water was still cloudy, but the chemistry was perfect.  Others were swimming, so, what the heck.  2000meters with pool toys.  I certainly was feeling tightness in my arms/shoulders, most likely from using the aero bars yesterday.


So, yah, bit of a setback on the running, but I'm still out there doing what I can~!

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Sometimes doing what you can is all you're asked to do.


It's good you've got runners at your church that understand what you're dealing with. My wife and I are at a small church that's just a couple of years old, with a congregation of about 50. I'm the only runner (that is, does races) there. Last year, I posted on fb that I did a race and took 3rd in AG. Our pastor posted "And how many were in your group?"


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