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Training for Athens just hasn't happened.  First I was planning on doing the full, then I fell on the ice.  I thought I dodged the bulled because I managed to miss my knee, rather got the outside of my lower left leg.  That was tight, so I compensated, which lead to all over tightness.  My MT mashed on it which helped, but what I really needed was to take time off running.  But, did I stop?!  NO!!!  


I just wasn't able to hammer out the long miles, so I decided to settle for the half.  Well, that wasn't happening either.  Apparently, I was compensating for a tight left leg, which messed up my right leg.  Two weeks ago, my run just felt wrong.  My pace was way off and I just couldn't get anything going.  Did I stop?!  NO!!!  I was attempting to get the run in before church so was doing my long run on the track.  At one point, I stopped to stretch.  I attempted to start running again but my legs--specifically my right knee--informed me I was DONE.  Uh, okay.  Now how the heck am I going to get back to the van?!


Son1 and I had planned on a ride that afternoon.  I took Sapphire out for a spin around the neighborhood and my knee loosened up quite nicely.  We loaded up the bikes and went for a good 25mi ride.  So maybe I'm okay after all?


I pretty much decided that Athens was out.  Runner that I am, I looked for another race.  I found one that's nearly the same--Earth Day, which is two weeks later.  So maybe I can salvage this thing.


For the past couple weeks, we've been repeating this non-sense.  I run.  It hurts.  I ride.  It loosens up.  No real improvement, just degrees of hurt.  My numbers aren't there, but I"m still running, so all is good.  Right???  


This morning I got ready for my run.  I was feeling pretty good after yesterday's ride.  So I stretched.  I rolled.  Maybe, just maybe, I could knock out a good 6-8.  I made it to the end of the driveway.  Nope.  This thing hurts.  I don't need to run.  I need to... rest.  


Soooooooo...........  there will be no running for a while.  How long, I don't know.  Most likely no HM this spring.  Hopefully by letting this stupid thing heal I can salvage the rest of my season.  But, yah, it sucks.....

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I said, "Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick! Everybody knows that the burrow owl lives in a hole in the ground! Why the **** do you think they call it a burrow owl anyway?!" 
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crap.  i've struggled with ITB stuff for a long time, no denying it's there!   sorry you're dealing with this, i know how frustrating it is but i hope your rest, rolling and massage settles things down and you can move into a painfree tri season.



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Recover safely! And keep us informed!

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