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Here is a basic training plan to get you from 26.2 to 50K. In my
reality, a 50K race is just a really long marathon, and the training is
similar mileage wise with an emphasis on the long runs. Most 50K races
are held on trails, which will lead to a slower paced race. More time
on your feet means you also need to work on your nutrition and
hydration plan. Many ultras require runners to run with fluids, so
training with a handheld bottle, waist pack, or hydration pack is a
must during ultra training. Also, aid stations can be 6-8 miles apart,
which can be upwards of 90-120 minutes depending on the terrain,
conditions and pace!

Something unique to ultras are the aid stations, they are like
trailside buffest and can be a huge time sucker if you are not paying
attention. Try to spend only a minute or two at each one. The most
common items found at these aid stations are: sports drink, water,
soda, mountain dew, pretzels, PB&J, turkey sandwiches, soup, chips,
M&Ms, salted boiled potatos, cookies, and assorted candies. I have
found that if i eat sweets at the aid stations i will have tummy
problems later on. This is all trial and error. Also, ultras do not all
serve Gatorade, many serve Clip, AminoVital, Heed, or some other sports
drink. Find out what your race is serving and train with it, a lot.

Now to the schedule! It would be best to have a base mileage of 35-40
mpw before starting this program. As far as speed work, do what you
felt most comfortable doing while marathon training, 3x100, etc. Or, if
you are running this race just to finish and go the distance, you can
run 3 miles that day instead. For hill repeats, I like to find a nice
long hill, at least 1/4- 1/2 mile long and alternate with run hard up,
then easy down (5 times) then easy up and hard down (5 times) with a
warm up and a cool down. Or, I jack the treadmill up to 7-10% incline
and hike on that at 3.5-4mph. Feel free to modify this plan to tailor
your needs and schedule. If you miss a run or two, it does not really
matter in the long run. For cross training i like the stairstepper,
elliptical, swimming, bike, yoga or take an extra rest day if you feel
you need it.

During your long runs, work on your race strategy. Train on terrain
similar to the race’s trails. Power hike up the hills, run the downs,
and run or run/walk the flats. Practice in your long runs what works
best for you in preparation for the race. Also, work on consuming
calories on your long runs, aim for 200-300 calories per hour and
hydrate well. Many runners also use electrolyte capsules such as
Succeed!, Lava Salts, and Enduroltyes. Everything boils down to an
experiment of one. Use your long runs for this purpose. Good luck.

Long May You Run.
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I am currently training for my first 50K race - the adventure will occur the first weekend of September along the McKenzie River in Oregon. I have a background in trail runs (usually 15-30Ks) and road marathons, and am looking forward to the ultra scene.

Your write-up and training program have been very informative and inspirational - thank you for the post, and I look forward to exploring more and hearing others' experiences within this website!

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Good info...thanks! My first 50k is in 5 days. Ready or not here I run!!
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