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Finishing time - 26:18

Weather - The rain held off for all but about 20 minutes. It was quasi-near perfect running weather...low 50's during the day and night with somewhat high humidity with overcast skys. Unfortunately the full moon spent the entire night behind the cloud cover (but thats ok, becasue there is less than 7 hours of darkness in Wisconsin in June.)

Race - I met up with two guys, Larry and John, at mile 5 and we all wound up sticking together for the entire race. John only ran the 100K, so he left Larry and I at mile 62 to finish up the hunnert on our own. We flew through the first 62 miles at a 13 minute pace. We both felt great when we headed out for the 38 mile out and back. This ended very quickly as the aid stations at that point only had some bare minimum food...basically we trudged through the entire night on nothing but pretzels, cookies, and chips...not a good way to finish up a race (especially for me as my body doesnt do well on simple sugars that late in the race). We wound up walking most of the last 38 miles becasue we were in a constant state of bonk and just couldn't get our energy levels or calorie intake to where they should be. It was definitely disappointing (we still had a blast though). I had 2 friends who came down from Milwaukee, Meg and Mike, to crew and pace for me. They took turns running with us and driving the crew car. They also both had an absolute blast as this was the first ultra they have ever seen. Mike went and registered to run his first ultra as soon as he got home on Sunday.

Aftermath - I never changed shoes or socks and still managed to only get 1 small blister on my heel. Apparently Drymax socks and Asics Trail Attacks are my winning combination. My achilles is hurting pretty bad which makes it very difficult to walk, but other than that I feel pretty good.
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Whew, glad you finally found a shoe/sock combo for you! Good job on your race, even though the last section was not what you anticipated, but at least you had good company

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great job ....

congrats on finding a good footwear combo for you!

.... and, note to self ... don't trust aid stations to have enough, pack extra or have pacers bring it with them ...

sorry that happened .... that would be disappointing ...

glad you had a good time, regardless!

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Absolute eutopia on finding the sock/shoe combo. I had kept wishing all day long while I was at FANS that I was out on the course instead! Gret job despite the lack of calories. I always plan for my own food and eat theres if it is equal or better.

Rest up and enjoy the recovery time you have earned it!
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Congrats on your finish Prof. Finally the Kettle gets some decent weather unlike the last 2 years of high humidity and storms.
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Way to take it to the house! Not sure what to think about the nutrition thing. I guess I will plan on being fairly self sufficient with drop bags when I get around to the KM.
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There are no drop bags for the last 15 miles at Kettle, so the aid stations become pretty important. I experienced the same thing at Burning River last year -- those last longest, slowest miles when I most needed the sandwiches and soup they seemed to have in abundance during the day were nowhere to be found at the last few aid stations. I'll have to remember to put an extra Ensure in my last drop bag at future 100's and carry it with me.

Congrats on another 100 finish and making more new friends. No nicer group than ultra runners
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Congrats, Richard! The last 38 sound very frustrating, but way to tough it out.

I have a good friend in Madison, which I think is only an hour and fifteen minutes away, so I may have to do this race on of these days. I can probably even talk him into pacing me since he runs marathons. I'll definitely be sure to grab the Nathan pack before the last 38, though.

Recover well!
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Nice job! Sounds like you had a really good race, minus the lack of food in the waning miles!
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Sorry you did not find the aid you needed on the 100 mile course. I have done the 100 miler down there twice, volunteered at Tamarack the last two years and ran the 100k this year.

Have only finished ten 100 milers I don't have much experience to base it on, but always thought the aid at Kettle was good to excellent. I would like to see a couple more drop bag locations if anything. Guess everyones needs are different so this is just my opinion. I generally carry quiet a bit and restock at aid stations where have drop bags, I figure grazing at A.S. is just a bonus of sorts. Depend alot on ensure, clip II etc., but realize this stuff can get old after awhile.
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