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The diagnosis is rather clear, moderate regurgitation in my aortic valve. The symptoms aren't all that clear though. I am easily fatigued, what I thought was asthma is not, even though I have all the symptoms. I cough and have shortness of breath, but there seems to be no clear trigger.

I can run though, but I have to keep it simple and in the aerobic zone, nothing too strenuous despite my body's desire to go **** bent for leather to relieve stress.

I have had no real problems with running, I mean I have no coughing fits or shortness of breath, but I haven't been pushing it.

Then again I know that 7 miles is about my limit. After that I am pushing dead weight around and my extremities start getting pins and needles feelings. So, I stop.

It is the most awkward feeling, sort of the reverse of what a beginner experiences. My body is good to go, I have the strength, I have the muscle memory, my body knows what to do and how to do it, but I feel stuck on first or second gear - the engine just isn't engaged properly.

So I jog up hills that an hour later I will have trouble walking up. No rhyme or reason to it all.

Frustrated, I need to run, but running is making me frustrated.

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