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Grizzly 12-28-2009 04:55 PM

I don’t think that I’ve felt quite this way about a Christmas present since the days long long ago when we got a toboggan and I spent my entire school break out on the neighbourhood hill defying death and dismemberment in ways that Calvin and Hobbes would echo decades later.

Where did that glee vanish to?

Well, I think I found some of it again in donning my new snowshoes. Yesterday the missus and I bought her a pair and we spent the afternoon tramping around places in the foothills. This morning, the sun just thinking about rising at 8:30, we both looked at each other and headed for the shoes. We’ve got the expanse of Nose Hill Park just up the coulee from us, and our back gate opens on to the coulee, so we thought we’d just watch the sun rise from the trail.

We ventured up Porcupine Valley, but were hampered in our progress by some rather thick Willow thickets, and so we climbed higher on the hill and traversed a few gullies, watching as the sunrise turned the snow across the valley from pink to fiery gold to brilliant white. As we climbed and dropped through the gullies we saw the sun rise a good half dozen times. We scared up a few white tailed deer and at least one mule deer on our traverse.

The missus mentioned that we really should consider heading for home, but instead of dropping back down into the ravine we headed higher and soon crested the hill. On one side the sun on the snow blinded us with a million diamonds, and on the other we caught the procession of the Front Range, peak upon peak glowing in the first light of the morning. And there was that Christmas glee again.

We crossed back along the crest of the coulee and looked down at our house before racing each other downhill. We made it home at about 11:00, in time for a late breakfast, and the boys were still asleep, visions of who knows what dancing through their heads…

Ah, Christmas!

Tomorrow? You’ve got it, we’ll be out on the snowshoes yet again.

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